ARLSAlberta Regional Lily Society (Canada)
ARLSAutomatic Resource Location System (UK)
ARLSAutomated Retail Logistics Systems
ARLSAutomatic Resupply Logistics System
ARLSAdvanced Radiation Life Support
ARLSAntibiotic Responsive Lyme-Like Syndrome
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"Arl in white--as a ghaist should be," answered the ghost-seer, with a confidence beyond his years.
The values of [L.sub.1] and [L.sub.2] are chosen such that the in-control ARLs of the proposed repetitive EWMA-RSS control chart reach a specific level of decided value of target ARL of the process.
We used ARLs as a performance criterion to compare the performance efficiency of repetitive EWMA control charts.
Alavi Tabari and Arefmanesh (2013) studied the association of auditor industry expertise with ARL. Their findings indicated shorter ARLs for the firms audited by auditors of corresponding industry expertise.
Low-performance firms are expected to exhibit longer ARLs (Lee et al., 2009).
Available clinical data from experiences in KS and ARL are useful tot helping consider reasonable approaches, but strict conformity to any given approach is unlikely to be best for all patients.
With this overview in mind, we will discuss concepts of antiretroviral therapy and anti-neoplastic therapy in KS and ARL as models for principles and practice in AIDS-related malignancies.
According to LTC Bruce Jette, the Army's program manager for the ARL, Guardrail and future Aerial Common Sensor, the program team faced a number of "sustainability challenges" in attempting to rapidly deploy a COTS system to a theater for operational use.
The program office intends to expand the ARL's capabilities this summer, said Colonel Jette, with new modes for the radar, including narrow-sector search and synthetic aperture radar imaging.
From the one hundredth anniversary of the Gerould Statistics to Duane Webster's retirement as the Association of Research Libraries' executive director, ARL celebrates a century of library evaluation activities.
* Expenditures for electronic resources account for an average of 16.3 percent of ARL library materials budgets;
The ARL has distinguished itself for its ability to provide a quickly deployable asset that can be "up and running" soon after reaching the field, the industry sources said.