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Jefferson Davis's Final Campaign: Confederate Nationalism and the Fight to Arm Slaves is a scholarly examination of a seemingly paradoxical aspect of the American Civil War.
Imperial rivals for the land were willing to arm slaves when it suited them.
In 1859, the infamous John Brown launched a raid on a military armory in Harpers Ferry, Virginia (now in West Virginia), hoping to arm slaves after inciting a mass slave insurrection.
"You can't arm slaves and expect them to remain slaves." If government has the power to disarm you, then they're in charge, not you the governed, as it should be in America, land of the free.
Although the British did arm some Slaves, the Rebels balked at any suggestion to arm Slaves for Rebel military service, as that might affect the status quo.
1859 Abolitionist John Brown conducts a raid at Harper's Ferry, Virginia, to free and arm slaves. He is captured and executed but becomes a martyr for the cause and is immortalised in the hymn, John Brown's Body.
Confederate emancipation; Southern plans to free and arm slaves during the Civil War.
One issue that Bailey touches on is given thorough analysis by Bruce Levine in Confederate Emancipation: Southern Plans to Free and Arm Slaves During the Civil War (Oxford University Press, 2005).
Tbe eleventh-hour decision of the Confederacy to arm slaves is described as a southern "decision for emancipation" (p.