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AKAlaska (US postal abbreviation)
AKAnimal Kingdom (Disney World theme park)
AKAuckland, New Zealand
AKAlicia Keys (singer)
AKArbeitskreis (German: Working Party)
AKAss Kisser
AKActinic Keratosis
AKAsahi Kasei (manufacturer; various locations)
AKApplied Kinesiology
AKAbove Knee (amputation)
AKAny Key
AKAndrei Kirilenko (basketball player)
AKAtomic Kitten (band)
AKArmia Krajowa (Home Army, the Polish Resistance, WWII)
AKArbeiterkammer (Austrian trade union)
AKCommercial Cargo Ship (US DoD ship designation)
AKAga Khan (title of leader of a sect within the Ismaili branch of Islam)
AKAamir Khan (Indian actor)
AKAss Kicking
AKAdenylate Kinase
AKAnthony Kiedis (member of Red Hot Chili Peppers)
AKAstigmatic Keratotomy (eye surgery)
AKAlles Klar (German: All Right, Okay)
AKAvtomat Kalashnikova (Soviet assault rifle)
AKAzad Kashmir
AKAsh Ketchum (Pokémon)
AKApplication Kit
AKAll Knowing
AKAllgemeine Kredit (German: General Credit)
AKAvada Kedavra (Harry Potter)
AKAwesome Kids
AKAndrew Kim
AKAudio Karate (band)
AKAuthorization Key
AKAlternate Key (database theory)
AKAviation Storekeeper
AKArmeekorps (German Army corps)
AKAutomatKarbin (Swedish assault rifle)
AKAdaptation Kit
AKData Acknowledgment (ANSI)
AKAdvanced Kaizen (methodology)
AKAlte Kaker (Yiddish: Old Timer)
AKAnime Kingdom
AKAurora Knights (gaming clan)
AKKnight of the Order of Australia (Obsolete)
AKAutomatic Keying
AKAtari Karts (Atari Jaguar video game)
AKAbu Khader Group (Amman, Jordan)
AKAscension Kit (NetHack)
AKAnte Calendas (Latin: Before the Calends, epigraphy)
AKAnatomic Kinesiology
AK(USN Rating) Aviation Storekeeper
AKAutomatic/Assault Rifle/Carbine/Cannon (Swedish military)
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TYNE SHIPPING MOVEMENTS Arrivals Date/Time Name From To 0508 0845 Princess Seaways Ijmuiden Ro Ro 3 0508 1000 MTS Indus Seaward Swans W 0508 1000 Terra Marique Seaward Swans W 0508 1230 Cattleya Ace Seaward TCT 1 0608 0400 Skyfall Seaward RSQ 0608 0500 Balmoral Seaward Northumbrian Quay 0608 0845 King Seaways Ijmuiden Ro Ro 3 Riga TBT 0608 2000 Armia Krajowa 0708 0000 BG Ireland Felixstowe Cont.
4) He had served in the AK (the London-backed Armia Krajowa, Home Army) and taken part in the Warsaw Uprising.
8) In parts of western Belorussia, this situation was exacerbated by the presence of the Polish Armia Krajowa (AK), and in southern Belorussia, by the presence of Ukrainian nationalist formations.
They operated under the umbrella of the Polish underground movement the Armia Krajowa (AK).
Her book on the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 is the most detailed account of the Armia Krajowa (Home Army) two-month fight to free the city from the Germans as the Red Army stood by across the Vistula in the eastern part of the capital, Praga, from mid-September onward.
Polonia's numerous football players were killed during the occupation, joining the fight with the Nazi as part of Armia Krajowa (Polish Home Army).
Jakob Waldman, who wrote the first study on Chelmno, was killed by the Armia Krajowa in September, 1945.
Jacobson chronicles the efforts of assassin Adam "The Wolf" Nowak and a band of Polish partisans known as the Armia Krajowa, or AK, who survive the German invasion only to face even greater risk under Russian rule.
The clergyman passed the fugitive to the Armia Krajowa (AK), the Home Army, who transported him to the country's occupied and war-ravaged capital Warsaw.
There were 32 members of Armia Krajowa among the victims.