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ARMPITSAssociation of Rotund Men Pulling In Their Stomachs :-)
ARMPITSAssociation of Rotund Men Pulling in Their Stomachs (now defunct fitness group in Colchester, England)
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But they were silent in amazement and expectation when they saw the mighty white ape wriggle upon the back of their king, and, with steel muscles tensed beneath the armpits of his antagonist, bear down mightily with his open palms upon the back of the thick bullneck, so that the king ape could but shriek in agony and flounder helplessly about upon the thick mat of jungle grass.
With elbows braced back, hands clenched near his armpits, and chest protruded, he scudded along, while close at his heels lumbered a large-limbed, heavy, yellow mustached young man, who seemed to feel the exercise a good deal more than his senior.
With a cry John seized the branch of a tree, whipped the crutch out of his armpit, and sent that uncouth missile hurtling through the air.
Purun Dass swept the stone floor clean, smiled at the grinning statue, made himself a little mud fireplace at the back of the shrine, spread his antelope skin on a bed of fresh pine-needles, tucked his bairagi--his brass-handled crutch--under his armpit, and sat down to rest.
They saw the barasingh standing over him, who fled when they came near, and they heard the langurs wailing in the branches, and Sona moaning up the hill; but their Bhagat was dead, sitting cross-legged, his back against a tree, his crutch under his armpit, and his face turned to the north-east.
With his left hand, he negligently folded back his shirt around his right arm, to the very armpit.
But the fatal blow never fell, for even as his arm quivered before descending, the Spaniard gave a shudder, and stiffening himself rolled heavily over upon his side, with the blood gushing from his armpit and from the slit of his vizor.
The tiny creature appears to calmly rub soap into its fur - even pausing to scrub its armpits clean
Apparently, Hollywood thinks that that little skin spilling over your bra strap, also known as the very normal human armpit, is now unsightly.
People noticed that her armpits were clean-shaven, which should not be the case since her character was raised on an island of women.
A small chest operation (sympathectomy) cures excess sweating of the hands, arms and armpits.
Since your mom approached you about your armpits, It might not be as hard as you Imagine to ask her about shaving your legs.