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ARNIEArchive Network Interface
ARNIEAutomotive Repair National Information Exchange (used to manage auto repair costs by major insurers in Australia)
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"The owners explained that earlier that morning Arnie had slipped his lead while tied up outside a shop in Tynemouth.
After the success of the highly acclaimed documentary "Arnie'' in 2014, the Golf Channel invited fans of Arnold Palmer to submit short videos that captured their personal stories and remembrances of the "King,'' as Palmer is known in professional golf circles.
4PREDATOR 4 PREDATOR (1987) A TEAM of crack commandos, led by Arnie's character Dutch, battle for survival in a Central American jungle against a formidable warrior from outer space.
Kyle Arnie was in second, while Mullacash moved ahead of Faughan Emmet at this juncture.
The family of Arnie, who died in a car crash, are today celebrating the start of a new generation following the birth of Joshua Arnie.
Arnie even offered Terry the job of fight co-ordinator on films such as Predator and Commando.
Plaid Cymru president Dafydd Iwan, who was elected a Gwynedd councillor after becoming famous among Welshspeakers as a singer, thinks we should give Arnie the benefit of the doubt rather than assume he will be incompetent because he comes from a showbiz background.
Whereas other profiles have stuck to movie clips and the safe comments of Arnie's contemporaries, this goes right back to the bottom rung of the star's career ladder and finds a little step dedicated to Blighty.
She failed, as it happens, but the encounter helped inspire one of titles on the new CD by Arnie's new quintet.
We lost some of our most treasured elders: Alvin Ailey, Robert Joffrey, Rudolf Nureyev, Michael (A Chorus Line) Bennett; some of our most promising youths: Edward Stierle of the Joffrey and Peter Fonseca of American Ballet Theatre, and mid-career artists like Arnie Zane (whose memory is preserved in the name of the Bill T.
Both Arnie, 70, and Maria, 62, are believed to have dated other people since their separation but sources close to the couple say there is a real possibility the divorce won't happen at all, even though they are not getting back together.