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ARPUAverage Revenue Per User
ARPUAverage Revenue Per Unit
ARPUAmerican Racing Pigeon Union (Oklahoma City)
ARPUAccelerated Revenue per User (telecommunications)
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Strength in emerging markets would explain a decline in ARPU: Consumers in less-wealthy countries can't afford to spend as much on discretionary services like Spotify, so it charges them less.
He explained that keeping the Arpu in mind, RJio has adopted a strategy of offering a blended services, including both voice and data, and indicated that Idea will also be keen to follow the same.
CLSA's best case scenario shows that SMC/Telstra can achieve a 27- percent market share after six years or by fiscal year 2023 alongside an average arpu of A$12 (US$8.61).
Analysts Statista calculate African ARPU for 2015 at $7.21 per month in comparison with the highest regional ARPU of $49.11 per month in North America.
Competition will drive down the ARPU for mobile operators, but the 4G ARPU will hold up better as a result of the higher data consumption stimulated by 4G users.
Also, Cellular ARPU for the quarter was ILS69, a decrease of 10% over ARPU of ILS77 in Q1 2014.
Stiff competition and tariff wars affected revenue generation of cellular operators as Average Revenue per User (ARPU) per month of Pakistan's cellular segment was registered at Rs.
Meanwhile, company's ARPU (average revenue per user) was lifted slightly in the fourth quarter, by 5.6 per cent to Dh109.3 per user from Dh103.5 per user in the same quarter last year, bucking the industry trend of an overall decline in ARPU.
AT&T's ARPU for smartphones is about twice that of non-smartphone subscribers.
Operators' average revenue per user (ARPU) is falling in Bahrain, in line with global trends as customers make fewer conventional calls and texts in favour of instant messaging and Internet phone calls, which carry lower margins.
However, Viva said the launch of its next-generation mobile network - which allows web download speeds several times faster than its predecessor 3G - was helping it counter the decline in ARPU by attracting more customers with high data usage.
Cellular ARPU in the second quarter of 2014 totaled NIS76, decreasing by NIS1 compared with the previous quarter.