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The Navy already has a name for it: the arsenal ship. The concept for the arsenal ship dates back at least to the late 1980s, when Vice Adm.
The arsenal ship does not have the imposing profile of traditional battleships or today's super carriers.
The Navy is considering several designs that support the most cost-effective Arsenal Ship concept.
At a deeper level, it appears that the Arsenal Ship challenged the Navy's traditional notion of command.
Wenger, who saw Emmanuel Frimpong red-carded with 20 minutes to play against the Reds for a second yellow card, is hoping to steady the Arsenal ship with a few signings.
Keown's arrival as a second-half substitute helped to steady the Arsenal ship after Thomas Hitzlsperger had put Villa back in the game with a stunning 64thminute strike.
An arsenal ship with Sea Tactical Missile Systems (TACMS) (200-km range) and cruise missiles (2,500-km range) could provide firepower from far away, much as the battleship traditionally did from within 40 kilometers.
As a particularly promising idea, he singled out the arsenal ship, a discarded concept that shared many of the characteristics of the DD21--a stealthy vessel, packed with long-range missiles to destroy targets from great distances.
Bush had mentioned last December in his presidential campaign that he would refloat the Arsenal Ship. "His advising team and the new Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld are confronting the existing military staffs by suggesting drastic changes implying better cost-effectiveness, such as putting a stop to the building of very large aircraft carriers (equated to vulnerable dinosaurs), questioning the magnitude of the JSF program, replacement of main battle tanks by wheeled vehicles (some French Army-manned types are being tested over there), etc..
This calls for things such as "arsenal ships" and a new bomber, Cohen believes.
Many of these bomb bodies have been dutifully shipped around the world for decades, positioned in proximity to global hot spots, and then returned unused to one of three arsenal ships that the United States keeps afloat at all times.