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ARSIAssociation de Recherche en Soins Infirmiers
ARSIAppalachian Rural Systemic Initiative (educational initiative)
ARSIAmateur Radio Society of India
ARSIAerospace Research Systems, Inc.
ARSIAtmospheric Research System
ARSIARPA Reconfigurable Simulator Initiative
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As I have noted, the initials added to the index of ARSI MS Anglia 31 I-II in a later hand, are likely those of Leo Hicks; this suggests that he worked with that manuscript collection and may well have reviewed all three of the contemporary manuscript translations discussed here, in addition to the 1599 Historia Particular and later print sources, while preparing his comprehensively documented article.
From 33:05 -- 33:46 Lutfi Arsi (in the yellow 'Super 9' t-shirt) calmly inspects his fellow alleged victims, helpfully directs a member of staff towards them, ambles to the back of the room, pulls up a chair and takes a seat.
14) ARSI, Nobili to Roothaan, quoted in French, February-March, 1846, Fort Shuswap.
The conjoined baby, whose 24-year-old mother is known only as Arsi, is fighting for his life in hospital in Rajasthan as doctors decide on a course of treatment.
Rabat - Le Chabab Rif d'Al Hoceima (CRA) a ete tenu en echec a domicile par l'Olympic club de Safi (2-2), dimanche au stade Mimoun El Arsi, tandis que le Moghreb de Fes a lourdement chute a domicile face au champion sortant, le Moghreb Tetouan, sur le score de 2 a 0, en matchs de la 28eme journee du championnat national de premiere division de football.
In these cases, we should always consider the prosodic and metrical peculiarities of seventh-century Visigothic poetry, still very much in keeping with late antique metrical conventions, such as the lenghtening of final short syllable at the beginning of the foot (corresponding to the well-known productio in arsi, so typical of Eugenius' and Isidore's poetry) (19), the shortening of the third singular person of verbal forms and of the final syllable of forms ending in--o, among others.
2) muestra que los textos conservados tienden a concentrarse en una franja situada, grosso modo, en la zona de la Navarra Media (Gomez-Pantoja, 1979: 7) y Comarca de las Cinco Villas de Aragon, encabezadas por las ciudades de Curnonium, Andelo, Santacris (Eslava, NA), Cara, Arsi (?
Che debe far un hom ch'al suo piacere (2) ha la cosa in secreto e hala sola, o qual monaltro fato sostenere un riso, un sguardo, un ato, una parola, ch'io arsi gia ne mi poria tenere palido e smorto quanto una viola, o mie amor, vedendo la contrata, basai la terra dove era passata.
Maryam, born in Arsi Zne in the Oromia region of Ethiopia, first took to the sport at the age of 15 in school despite her mother's constant warnings to slow down.
28) Commercial exploitation of forests is encouraged and plans are in place to direct investment to forests that are 'encroached, cleared or abandoned' and considered idle and available by government which does not reflect reality on the ground, as in the case of the Arsi Forest, historically occupied and used by Oromo agro-pastoralists.
She was raised in the high altitude Arsi Zone of the Oromia region of Ethiopia and by 14 was an accomplished athlete.