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AFASAir Force Aid Society
AFASAutomotive Fine Arts Society
AFASAdvanced Field Artillery System
AFASAssociation of Faculty of Arts Students
AFASAir Field Automation System (US Air Force)
AFASArt For Art's Sake
AFASFrench Association for the Advancement of Sciences
AFASALCM Force Application System (US DoD)
AFASAssociation for Adventure Sports
AFASAmerican Financial and Automotive Services, Inc.
AFASAutomatic Fire Alarm System
AFASAir Force Assignment System (USAF)
AFASASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Framework Agreement on Services (trade)
AFASAuxiliary Feedwater Actuating System
AFASAutomated Fuels Accounting System
AFASAir-vehicle Force Application System
AFASAustralian French Association of Science & Technology Inc. (Australia)
AFASArmy Future Artillery System
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By extending Lee's claims in "Poetic Morality" to his own ends in "Decay," Wilde converts the less familiar version of art for art's sake that Lee outlines in her essay into a version that readers instantly recognize, a doctrine that justifies itself via its opposition to, rather than its alignment with, the system of ethics that Lee's essay extrapolates.
The rejection of utility and the ensuing alienation of the artist, which are analysed by Robert Archambeau's excellent study of Surrealist and 1970s American-language poets, give rise to a number of questions over the actual meaning of art for art's sake and its alleged apolitical nature.
This model prepares Rothstein to situate certain "high-cultural" early Netherlandish paintings at the beginning of a teleological narrative that historicizes and validates a modernist construction of art for art's sake, "not only sophisticated but also a form of sophistication itself" (186).
Thus the great charitable bequests of the first-generation Rockefellers, Carnegies, and Mellons did not primarily fund art for art's sake (much less for a dynasty's sake) but endowed education, culture, and public works as means of civic self-improvement.
ON FRIDAY night, I went to see the Young at Art exhibition, which was organised by the Chester group Art for Art's Sake, in conjunction with the Chester Civic Trust.
Let's not kid ourselves that this is art for art's sake.
In short, as model and source, the Orient and orientalism provided the opportunity for poetic experimentation which culminated in a revolutionary aesthetics: "Nineteenth-century poetics' evolution towards a stance of art for art's sake owes both its origin and its progression in large part to .
In these "marginal" territories, marginal both because of their distance from the French "source," and because of their relatively underdeveloped or insecure national identity, the opposition and the modernism of Art for Art's Sake is evident.
To teach collage a la Carle [April 2003], let students sample Carle's own style of beauty and imagination by doing art for art's sake.
More condemns the novel's ethically deficient depiction of love and its morally de-centered depiction of consciousness, consistent with its view of love; and then he assaults symbolism's "heresy" of art for art's sake.
Teaching art for art's sake is tougher than ever these budget-crunching days.