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Certainly Chapter 10, Getting to the Art of the Matter is perhaps the most exciting and inspirational to read, filled with insightful quotes and inspired thoughts of mentors and students, all sorts of music collaborators, creators and appreciators.
A visitor at The Annex, Burj Khalifa, where an exhibition showcasing 267 works of legendary Spanish Image Credit: AK Kallouche/XPRESS Art of the matter.
At the art of the matter - Matt Damon and Cate Blanchett
Rather more successful is The Art of the Matter, an ephemeral tale of dirty doings at a London auction house but, here again, there's a rushed feel to the story's conclusion.
Show your customers the painstaking artistry behind the hand-painted porcelain in your store by hosting an Art of the Matter Event.
What McDermott and McGough show is that the art of the matter is here, at home.
Gallery owners Brenda and Roy Symon get to the art of the matter as they give us a tour of their coastal home.
2, n Art of the matter IF they're worn by fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker then at Record Woman towers want them, too.