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ARTEMISAdvanced Responsive Tactically Effective Military Imaging Spectrometer
ARTEMISAdvanced Relay Technology Mission
ARTEMISAssessment and Reliability of Transport Emission Models and Inventory Systems (EU environmental project)
ARTEMISAdvanced Research Testbed for Medical Informatics
ARTEMISAdvanced Retrieval, Tire, Equipment, Motor Vehicles, Information System (NHTSA)
ARTEMISAdvanced Research on Test and Evaluation of Mixed-Signal ICs and Systems
ARTEMISAdvanced Real-Time Electro-Mechanical Transient Simulator (software; Opal-RT Technologies Inc.)
ARTEMISAdvanced Radio-Frequency Test and Evaluation Measurements and Interpretation System
ARTEMISAutomated Reporting, Tracking, and Evaluation Management Information
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html) Artemis was the daughter of Zeus, the ruler of all the gods and the god of the sky who is most well-known for wielding lightning bolts as a weapon.
Peter Hunter and James Ward will join StanChem's board on behalf of Artemis, with Dr Foley serving as Artemis's new chairman.
Representatives from several Member States shared their experiences of previous IAEA review missions in this field and discussed possible projects and programmes that could benefit from ARTEMIS reviews.
Artemis Elderberry extracts and fruit powders designed to support a healthy immune system.
Jean says Artemis is seen in the women who got us the right to vote, and the women who are still fighting for rights.
You can search within results, select a particular database within Artemis, or choose a subject indexing term.
Ephesians oversaw the celebration of the mysteries of Artemis until the demise of the cult in the third century CE.
Artemis Racing said in a statement: "It is with immense sadness that Artemis Racing confirms the tragic death of crew member Andrew "Bart" Simpson today in San Francisco.
The 130,000-plus hours of audio programming that are currently stored on CD and reel-to-reel tape will eventually be converted into digital file formats and loaded into Artemis.
The priestess of Artemis, who kept the temple keys and treasures, was called Melissa, the bee-a hard worker with a stinger.
Artemis faces his stiffest challenge against his fiercest nemesis Opal Koboi.
However, Artemis will collect membership dues at some point in the future.