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ARTEMISAdvanced Responsive Tactically Effective Military Imaging Spectrometer
ARTEMISAdvanced Relay Technology Mission
ARTEMISAssessment and Reliability of Transport Emission Models and Inventory Systems (EU environmental project)
ARTEMISAdvanced Research Testbed for Medical Informatics
ARTEMISAdvanced Retrieval, Tire, Equipment, Motor Vehicles, Information System (NHTSA)
ARTEMISAdvanced Research on Test and Evaluation of Mixed-Signal ICs and Systems
ARTEMISAdvanced Real-Time Electro-Mechanical Transient Simulator (software; Opal-RT Technologies Inc.)
ARTEMISAdvanced Radio-Frequency Test and Evaluation Measurements and Interpretation System
ARTEMISAutomated Reporting, Tracking, and Evaluation Management Information
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Artemis has refined 30 years experience into a suite of industry optimized solutions and consulting services designed to help both private and public sector organizations execute their strategies and improve performance through effective project portfolio management.
The Artemis acquisition presents another set of opportunities to prove our technical excellence and to validate our proven approach to customer success.
Versata welcomes the bold global vision Artemis can bring to our enterprise solutions," said Randall Jacops, General Manager of Versata.
With the Artemis Solution, we can manage all processes from idea to commercialization including the strategic decision making process.
Artemis has refined 30 years experience into a suite of solutions and packaged consulting services that address the specific needs of both industry and the public sector including, IT management, new product development, program management, fleet and asset management, outage management and detailed project management.
Artemis Advisors, LLC was formed in 2003 by its principals, Adrian Jones and Michael Kass.
An increasing number of companies are using ArteMice(TM) through collaborations with Artemis to increase the productivity of their drug discovery and development activities.
While the conference will focus on real-life examples of how Artemis solutions solve business problems and enhance return on invested capital, the purpose of the Conference is bigger than that," said Patrick Ternier, president and CEO of Artemis International Solutions Corp.
Artemis Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1998 and uses mice as an in vivo genetic model for use at various stages of the drug discovery process.