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AFEPArthritis Foundation Exercise Program (Salt Lake City, UT)
AFEPAnadromous Fish Evaluation Program (USACE)
AFEPAlaskan Flower Essence Project (Homer, AK)
AFEPAssociazione Formazione e Progresso (Italian: Education and Progress Association)
AFEPAir Force Exercise Program
AFEPAmniotic Fluid Embolism-Like Plasma
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CDC provides funds to 12 state health departments to promote the adoption and expanded use of proven and safe arthritis exercise programs such as the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program, EnhanceFitness, and Fit & Strong
To boost hand strength and flexibility, try these exercises from the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program.
People With Arthritis Can Exercise), the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program (AFEP) was developed by the Arthritis Foundation for arthritis patients and is popular with parish nurses across the nation.
The Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program includes these exercises to help maintain range of motion and enhance your ability to grasp and pick up objects:
In addition, several exercise programs, including EnhanceFitness (2), the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program, and the Arthritis Foundation Aquatics Program (8), are available in many communities and are appropriate for adults with diabetes and arthritis.
To help those with arthritis better manage their disease, the Arthritis Foundation offers community-based exercise classes (through the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program and the Arthritis Foundation Aquatics Program) and self-management education classes (through the Arthritis Foundation Self-Help Program), both of which have reduced pain and improved function and mental health among persons with arthritis.
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