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AFSHArthritis Foundation Self-Help (program)
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The Arthritis Foundation Self-Help Program, sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation, may help reduce your pain, reduce disability, improve your quality-of-life and reduce your utilization of medical services.
Some specialized educational interventions such as the Chronic Disease Self Management Program and the Arthritis Foundation Self-Help Program can help people with arthritis increase physical activity and manage pain.
Specially tailored self-management education interventions, such as the Chronic Disease Self Management Program (7) and the arthritis-specific Arthritis Foundation Self-Help Program, help adults learn to manage arthritis pain and discuss how to safely increase physical activity (8).
Last year she became certified to train trainers for the Arthritis Foundation Self-Help Course, a program that teaches coping skills to people with arthritis.
All participants receive a set of Arthritis Foundation Self-Help Course materials.
The Arthritis Foundation has a self-help course that includes relaxation therapy; find out more about the Arthritis Foundation Self-Help Program at www.
section]) Including the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program, Arthritis Foundation Aquatics Program, Arthritis Foundation Self-Help Course, the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, and Enhance Fitness[R].
To help those with arthritis better manage their disease, the Arthritis Foundation offers community-based exercise classes (through the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program and the Arthritis Foundation Aquatics Program) and self-management education classes (through the Arthritis Foundation Self-Help Program), both of which have reduced pain and improved function and mental health among persons with arthritis.
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