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ASHCAfrica Soil Health Consortium (est. 2010)
ASHCAssault Support Helicopter Company (US DoD)
ASHCArthritis Self-Help Course
ASHCAmerican Self Help Clearinghouse (Cedar Knolls, NJ)
ASHCAshcroft Homes Corporation (Colorado)
ASHCAll Scholarship Hall Council (University of Kansas; Lawrence, KS)
ASHCAndes Society for History and Culture (Andes, NY)
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Adamson, personal communication, 2002), the Arthritis Self-Help Courses (17%- 21%) (Goeppinger & Lorig, 1997; Lorig, Lubeck, Kraines, Seleznick, & Holman, 1985) and slightly higher for the Living with Cancer course (33%) (K.
In the implementation phase, the program was applied following Arthritis Self-Help Course measures and specifications.
Furstenau is 45 years old now, teaches arthritis self-help courses part time, and is firmly convinced that her new lease on life is a triumph of determination over despair.
Health-care providers also might refer patients to self-management courses such as the Arthritis Self-Help Course, an educational program that provides information about arthritis, medications, joint protection, exercise, and pain management.
Contact your local chapter of the Arthritis Foundation about signing up for an Arthritis Self-Help Course.
Interventions include physical activity programs (e.g., the Arthritis Foundation's PACE [People with Arthritis Can Exercise] or Aquatics programs) and educational programs (e.g., the Arthritis Self-Help Course, which has helped persons with arthritis and CJS experience less pain and reduce the number of clinical visits they make) (8).
Because having arthritis often means dealing with chronic pain and debilitation, the Arthritis Foundation has long embraced the self-help concept, offering a nationwide Arthritis Self-Help Course and aiding communities in creating support groups.
Other interventions include supervised exercise programs, weight loss, and self-education courses such as the Arthritis Self-Help Course, which has been shown to reduce pain and physician visits [8].
1 Enroll in the Arthritis Self-Help Course (ASHC), given by many Arthritis Foundation chapters throughout the country.
Other programs your chapter might offer include the Arthritis Self-Help Course and the new PACE (People with Arthritis Can Exercise) program.
To lessen the projected impact of arthritis, health-care providers should 1) promote primary prevention of arthritis through prevention of obesity and sports-associated or occupational-associated joint injury, and 2) encourage early detection and appropriate management of persons with arthritis, including exercise and educational programs (e.g., the Arthritis Self-Help Course, which has been shown to reduce pain and physician visits [10]).
"The Arthritis Self-Help Course taught me how to cook!" she jokes, and then explains, "The constant standing while I was working in the kitchen was really hard on my joints and left me exhausted.
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