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ARTICa Real Time Interface Co-Processor
ARTICAnaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (Orange County Transportation Authority; California)
ARTICA Real-Time Interface Coprocessor
ARTICAdaptive Real Time Image Compression (radiology)
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Gran Artic 300 has been developed in Brazil especially for BRT systems, which are high demand transportation systems where buses run on dedicated lanes.
Along with this acquisition, Artic has signed an agreement with Starwood Hotels and Resorts, one of the world's leading hotel and leisure companies, for Starwood to run the hotel.
The strength of the hermetic seal created by the Artic Quad flowrapper protects the integrity of the bag, keeping juices from seeping out and contaminating surfaces and other products.
The Artic Cooling is made from sportswool and can be activated by submerging it in water for 15 minutes so that the crystals in the pocket swell into gel form.
The taxpayers' victory in the Artic Systems case could be followed by an icy blast from the Government, according to tax experts at Howarth Clark Whitehill's Midlands practice.
The Maxi-Lite ML 6 and ML 8 towers are available with an Artic Special package, which is designed to stand up to the demands of cold weather applications.
Police said the 46-year-old from Newton Abbot, Devon was driving the artic cab when it was in collision with a white Vauxhall Astra van on the A379 near Exeter.
The 30-tonne artic became wedged on Mackets Lane at rush hour when the driver tried to do a three-point turn and his front wheel became stuck in the manhole.
Artic Cold Storage has built an addition that nearly doubles the size of its facility at St.
A scant 35 miles south of the Artic Circle rests the small Swedish town of Arjeplog, where hundreds of test engineers from dozens of the world's automakers converge to test whether their vehicles can withstand the rigors of this artic Mecca.
Ringo: One of the biggest issues we are facing today is drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge to satisfy America's glutinous appetite for energy.
BRITISH raider Artic Jack heads the weights on 12st for the Powers Gold Label Irish Grand National tomorrow after 30 horses were declared.