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AWAntwort (German: Answer)
AWAll Weather
AWAddison Wesley (publisher)
AWGap Wedge (golf club)
AWAny Way
AWAlien Ware (computers)
AWAllied Waste Industries (stock symbol; Phoenix, AZ)
AWAnchor (Well) Site West
AWArticle of War
AWAirlift Wing
AWAll Welcome
AWArc Welding
AWArsene Wenger (soccer player)
AWAngkor Wat (ancient temple; Cambodia)
AWAttention Whore
AWArmstrong Whitworth (UK aircraft)
AWArrogant Worms (band)
AWAnother World
AWAdvance Wars (game)
AWAtomic Weight
AWAnti-Wear (hydraulic oil, additives)
AWArctic Warfare
AWAutomatic Weapons
AWAir Wing
AWAmerican Wood (timber facility)
AWAtomic Wedgie
AWAbove Water
AWAllstar Weekend (band)
AWAssociate Warden (prisons)
AWAmerican Whitewater (Cullowhee, NC)
AWAviation Warfare Systems Operator (USN rating)
AWAttack Warning
AWA-Wing (Star Wars fighter)
AWAnchor Winch
AWAmerican Woods
AWApproach Wedge (golf)
AWAir Warfare
AWAfter War (Gundam X animated series)
AWAntiair Warfare
AWActual Weight
AWAuction Watch (auction-tool site)
AWAnswer Wizard
AWAnalytic Workspace
AWAir Watt (vacuum cleaners)
AWAir Warrior
AWArchitektur + Wettbewerbe (German: Architecture + Competitions; trade magazine)
AWAstral Weeks (Van Morrison album)
AWAir Warning
AWActive Well
AWAcid Waste
AWAdvice Wanted
AWAss Wipe
AWAddress Word
AWAdministrative Weight
AWAndrée Watters
AWAcoustic Warfare
AWAlbright & Wilson
AWAuxiliary Winding (voltage regulation)
AWAdmission Weight (Cisco)
AWA. A. Weinman (designer's mark on US coins)
AWAlpha Whiskey
AWAssymetric Warfare (US Army)
AWArchimedes World (magazine)
AWAcroWizard (Anvil Logic, Inc.)
AWAssam Watch (UK human rights group)
AWAirborne Antisubmarine Warfare
AWAkela's World (BSA)
AWAuthentication Word
AW(USN Rating) Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Operator
AWAntagonist Wing (The Wrath of the Empire)
AWArea Wedge (golfing)
AWWater Distilling or Storage Ship
AWAmphibious Warfare/All Weather
AWArchitectutral Window (Americal Architectural Manufacturers Association rating)
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Article of War 113 provided that the original record of the
General Crowder's testimony before Congress supports the argument that Article of War 15, and thus Article 21 of the UCMJ, is a recognition of the jurisdiction of military commissions to try alleged violations of the laws of war.
Article of War 65 provided that in cases of capital crimes, the officer who convened a court-martial could not also be the accuser.
Brannon (9 July 1951) (Allied Papers); NME Form 219, Petition for New Trial Under Article of War 53, Albert C.
After Royall found no challenge for cause, his co-counsel Dowell stood up and asked for one peremptory challenge, as allowed under the 18th Article of War for a court martial.
The courtmartial also found Undug guilty of violating Article of War 97.
In 1920, Congress reenacted Article of War 15 with the addition of the wording "by statute or" before the words "by the law of war.
They were charged with violations of Article of War 96, or conduct unbecoming an officer and gentleman, and Article 97, or disorder and neglect to the prejudice of good order and military discipline of the Articles of War.
The result was that Maple was charged with desertion under the 58th Article of War and with two specifications of "aiding the enemy" by "harboring and protecting escaped prisoners of war.
at 19 (citing 88th Article of War, reprinted in William Winthrop, Military Law and Precedents 205 (2d ed.