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AGIAdjusted Gross Income
AGIAnalytical Graphics, Inc.
AGIAmerican Geological Institute
AGIArtificial General Intelligence
AGIAlan Guttmacher Institute
AGIAsterisk Gateway Interface (Unix)
AGIAssociation for Geographic Information
AGIAdvanced Global Imaging
AGIAdventure Game Interpreter
AGIAnalytical Graphics Inc.
AGIAdvanced Ground Instructor (certification; US FAA)
AGIAlpha-Glucosidase Inhibitor (diabetes)
AGIAdventure Game Interpreter (Sierra)
AGIAssociation of Ghana Industries (Ghana)
AGIAlternative Gifts International
AGIAll-Glass Impinger
AGIAcademy for Guided Imagery
AGIAdvanced Geospatial Intelligence
AGIAeronautical and General Instruments (UK)
AGIArabidopsis Genome Initiative (est. 1996)
AGIAgenzia Giornalistica Italiana (Italian Reporters Agency)
AGIAfrica Governance Institute (UN Development Program)
AGIAssociazione Goistica Italiana (Italian: Association for Go in Italy; game)
AGIAnnée Géophysique Internationale (French)
AGIAlpine Group, Inc. (holding company; East Rutherford, NJ)
AGIAnti-Gang Initiative
AGIAquent Graphics Institute
AGIAcute Gastrointestinal Illness
AGIAbove Ground Installation
AGIAcid Gas Injection
AGIAnnual General Inspection
AGIAssociazione Geofisica Italiana
AGIAmerican Granby, Inc. (Liverpool, NY)
AGIAssociazione Guide Italiane (Italian Girl Guides Association)
AGIAgence Générale Immobilière (French: General Real Estate Agency)
AGIAnnuaire Généalogique Internet (French: Internet Genealogical Directory)
AGIAlsea Geospatial, Inc. (Oregon)
AGISilver Iodine
AGIAntarctic Geographic Information
AGIAntwerp Gemological Institute
AGIAuxiliary General Intelligence (NATO) Intelligence Collectors
AGIAir Gunnery Instructor (UK)
AGIAction Graphic International (UK)
AGIAnderson Group Inc (Atlanta, GA)
AGIAccounting Group International (est. 1991)
AGIAssessments Group Indonesia
AGIAir Global International
AGIAdministration Générale de l'Infrastructure (French: General Administration of Infrastructure; Belgium)
AGIAustralian Gastroenterology Institute
AGIAlbi Gestion Immobilière (French property management company)
AGIAdvanced Global Imager
AGIAlliance Global Investments Inc.
AGIArmament Gas Ingestion
AGIAssociation for Genital Integrity
AGIAssociate of the Greek Institute (UK)
AGIAt-Grade Intersection (street planning)
AGIArcus Group Inc
AGISoviet Intelligence Collection Ship
AGISoviet General Intelligence SIGINT Ship
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One of Confucius' four sacred arts of the Chinese scholar, achieving domination in the game of Go is a monumental leap in the pursuit of artificial general intelligence because of the combination of complexity and artistry involved in the ancient game.
As an artificial general intelligence technology, Nigel represents a new approach that fuses together a broad range of hard and soft sensor data, achieving moment-to-moment contextual awareness that allows Nigel to learn and apply what it understands to real-world situations.
DaVincian's PaaS data switch technology, coupled with powerful artificial general intelligence and HIPAA-compliant data transport capabilities, enhances interactions and interoperability within the healthcare ecosystem.
Hopefully this investment from the Finance for Business North East Angel Fund will enable that development to continue and to help towards Generic AI's aim to have the world's most used Artificial General Intelligence system.
Ben Goertzel, an artificial general intelligence (AGI) researcher whose activities include chief scientist of the financial prediction firm Aidyia Holdings, chairman of the Al software company Novamente LLC and the bioinformatics company Biomind LLC, chairman of the Artificial General Intelligence Society and the OpenCog Foundation, and vice chairman of futurist nonprofit Humanity+.
present 15 papers demonstrating recent research towards the realization of artificial general intelligence, so called to distinguish the general nature of the project, intended to achieve human-like and human-level intelligence, as opposed to such highly specialized programs as chess-playing programs or medical diagnosis systems.
These IAs are created by the synergies among the five key technologies of machine learning: AI and artificial general intelligence (AI/AGI), natural language processing (NLP), real-time analytics and Web services.
The much ballyhooed 2015 Turing test winner Eugene Goostman, for instance, pretends to be a thirteen-year-old foreigner and proceeds mainly by ducking questions and returning canned one-liners; it cannot see, it cannot think, and it is certainly a long way from genuine artificial general intelligence.
Ultimately, researchers at DeepMind aim to create a machine imbued with artificial general intelligence - which would be much broader in scope than the AIs like IBM's Deep Blue - that would be useful in robotics, smartphone assistant systems, healthcare and climate modeling.
They consider how artificial agents can turn into serious threats to humans; errors, insights, and lessons from famous artificial intelligence predictions; the path to more general artificial intelligence; the limitations and risks of machine ethics; utility function security; an artificial general intelligence meta-architecture enabling goal preservation and radical self-improvement; universal empathy and ethical bias for artificial general intelligence; how artificial intelligence can learn to understand what is moral; the ethics of brain emulations; long-term strategies for mitigating existential risk from fast takeoff to superintelligence; and the need to consider risks such as the military use of artificial intelligence.
Additionally, decades from now, an artificial general intelligence, or AGI, may be too dissimilar from the human mind to pass the Turing test, even though it might be very superior to us in most other ways.