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ARVOAssociation for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
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French theologist Theodor Dieter and German theologist and cleric Karl-Heinz Menkel, along with Arvo Part accepted the prize at a ceremonial event held at the Clementine Hall of the Apostolic Palace.
After thirty years living abroad in Vienna and Berlin, Arvo Part decided to return to Estonia with his family (1) and to establish an archive there.
It features Adams' Hallelujah Junction, the ultra-refined whispered world of Kurtag, the simplicity of Arvo Part and exuberant craziness of Richard Ayres.
Director de grabacion en Radio Estonia entre 1957 y 1967, y mas tarde autor de la musica de innumerables peliculas que afianzaron su popularidad, Arvo Part encontraria refugio en la exploracion minuciosa de los compositores medievales franco-flamencos, apasionada especialidad que a la postre influiria notablemente en la construccion de su tan personal estilo.
World renowned Estonian composer Arvo Part will visit South Wales for the Vale of Glamorgan festival
The Lifetime Achievement Award of the Festival is presented to Arvo Part.
Born January 27, 1923 in Ilmajoki, Finland, to William and Aili Nupuli (Nurmi), Arvo was the twin of the late Lahja Nurmi Tuning (d.
Inspired by the results of this research, Arvo Eek became interested in phonetics.
Arvo Part has set this text for a single voice singing the text in a very simple, repetitive, chord-outlining melody over the music of the eight cellos (or four violas and four cellos--both versions published).
Some have erudite titles - On Arvo Part: Lamentate in the context of his oeuvre, for example; others are wonderfully neo-hippy - Editions of Contemporary Me springs to mind.
Ruins of Beverast, Loss, Thralldom, Malign, Arvo Part, SVEST, Sigurblot, and soundtracks by Cliff Martinez.
In addition, Adams has reached out to Europe, giving ample attention to the works of Dutch composer Louis Andreissen and Estonian composer Arvo Part, who is often described (along with John Tavener and Henryk Gorecki) as a ``holy'' or ``spiritual'' Minimalist.