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When Arvo and Nora Part returned to Estonia, their wish was to bring their archive with them to the Estonian-speaking environment.
After thirty years living abroad in Vienna and Berlin, Arvo Part decided to return to Estonia with his family (1) and to establish an archive there.
Companies House documents show that Sisu company Arvo Master Fund has an active charge secured against Ryton.
The ARVO conference gave us a powerful platform to showcase our work and share knowledge and expertise.
It features Barry Guy's Buss, Orlando Gough's Birds on Fire and Arvo Part's Fratres.
Eicher applied that approach when he launched ECM's New Series devoted to written music in 1984 with "Tabula Rasa,'' introducing Estonian composer Arvo Part to a global audience.
She presents The Cone Gatherers, including works by Erik Satie, Philip Glass, Arvo Part and Graham Fitkin, at the Capstone theatre in Shaw Street tomorrow.
Macmillan, Tenebrae Responsories Westminster Cathedral Choir / Baker JAMES MACMILLAN'S religious music has none of Arvo Part or John Tavener's holy minimalism or Howard Goodall's Classic FMfriendly tunefulness.
According to cultured Record reader Mazza Fae Glasgow, some recent Shieldinch scenes threw up the question of whether that last snatch of classical was from the canon of Estonian composer Arvo Part or not.
Autodidact Eduardo Villanueva's sophomore feature, "Penumbra," is the cinematic equivalent of museum labels that attribute paintings to "Latin American School, early 21st century." Contributing to the generic designation are: an elderly, impoverished couple in the provinces; mystical nature; spare dialogue; handsome, slow pans; a painterly use of light; and Arvo Part.
And the biotech does own the data in the study that was to have been presented at ARVO. So Genentech was within its rights to use the material as seen fit.