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ALAPAs Little As Possible
ALAPAs Late As Possible (project management constraint)
ALAPAs Long As Possible
ALAPAppleTalk Link Access Protocol
ALAPAs Low As Possible
ALAPAs Lazy As Possible
ALAPAs Low As Practical
ALAPAs Loud As Possible (band)
ALAPAmerican Linguistic Atlas Project (University of Georgia)
ALAPAcquisition Law Advisory Panel
ALAPAxle Lift Air Pressure
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For Cecchetti assemble both knees are bent just enough to bring the feet into the required position as rapidly as possible, and the dancer shows it by holding it as long as possible. She must change levels.
The third is open to interpretation: should the objects be preserved for as long as possible, or should we preserve only the texts?
This is greatly aided by adding fluxes prior to tapping and leaving power on as long as possible prior to tap.
Families sometimes disagree with these decisions and can appeal them in court - but the case should be a strong one, said Andreasson, because one of the community's goals is to keep people at home for as long as possible. The community even provides free assistive devices toward that end.
In these times of containing health care costs and helping elders to "age in place" as long as possible, home care is in a strong position to help both seniors and long-term care companies.