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(1.) I thank ASAO for the invitation to present this lecture at its 2010 annual meeting in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia in very snowy conditions.
I am grateful for the invitation to address the Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania (ASAO) as its Distinguished Lecturer--especially since my relation to Pacific scholarship has always been rather unprofessional, or at least spotty.
Showing what they think of his actions, the party was quick to expel Asao, who was the DPJ's shadow defense minister, rather than accept his resignation.
At a press conference after tendering his resignation, Asao, 45, the DPJ's shadow defense minister, said he will pit himself in the Aug.
TOKYO - Keiichiro Asao, a House of Councillors member of the main opposition Democratic Party of Japan, said Friday he will leave the party to run in the upcoming House of Representatives election.
Opposition lawmakers including Keiichiro Asao, the defense minister in the DPJ's shadow Cabinet, blasted Hamada for allowing Tamogami to leave the ministry with a status that enables to receive the retirement allowance.
Paper prepared for the "AIDS in Oceania" working session, ASAO, February 2005.
In addition to Yoshihide Morimoto, 47, former president of the Osaka-based midsize construction firm now under court-led rehabilitation procedures, those arrested included Asao Wada, 63, former vice president, and Miyoshi Arima, 71, former vice president in charge of accounting.
Poe and Asao Inoue, Peggy O'Neill, Anne Herrington and Charles Moran) understand the knowledge gained by reading the work of student writers across an entire program or institution, or even trans-institutionally.
Aso and Kawamura made the remarks in response to questions from ruling and opposition lawmakers including Keiichiro Asao, the defense minister in the shadow Cabinet of the main opposition Democratic Party of Japan.
The four executives -- former President Yoshihide Morimoto, former vice presidents Asao Wada and Miyoshi Arima, and Toshikazu Sagara, a former board member in charge of management planning -- were allegedly involved in window dressing the company's accounts in the 1998 and 1999 fiscal years and illegally paying 144 million yen in dividends in fiscal 1998.
We welcome Norbert Elliott, Patricia Ericsson, Asao Inoue, and Scott Warnock to the group.