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ASADAggregate Supply, Aggregate Demand (economics)
ASADArthroscopic Subacromial Decompression
ASADArthroscopic Subacromial Debridement
ASADAloha State Association of the Deaf
ASADArmy Safety Augmentation Detachment
ASADAutomated Storm sewer Analysis & Design
ASADAlpha Solar Array Drive
ASADAssociated Students of African Descent
ASADAdvanced Structured Analysis & Design
ASADAdvanced Systems for Air Defense
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Khadim Hussain Soomro said that Asad was really a man of good and enviable manners.
Asad Umar had played an important role in negotiating the deal while he was the finance minister.
Asad Umar had initially ruled out accepting some other cabinet position when the prime minister had asked him to step down as the finance minister.
A public perception was built up where anything Asad Umar did or say was deemed to be incorrect, the tragedy this that he was far more right than he was wrong.
Asad Qaiser further informed that all communication channels are closed in the held territory and serious human rights violations are being perpetrated in the valley.
Family Scotland is no longer safe for us The family of Asad want the shopkeeper's murder to highlight the secret shame of religious persecution of Ahmadi Muslims.
Army high-risk patients--all of which support the construct validity of ASAD as a distinct entity that correlates negatively with impulsivity and is unrelated to alcohol use disorders or mood disorders.
ASAD ALI YOUNIS: To be honest banking it is not easy having two careers at the same time but I would say cricket has been more than a career to me it is more of a passion.
So it is difficult to digest that Arch Asad had given out of turn promotions to 'his favourites', he added.
According to the British High Commission's record, Asad's real date of birth was December 8, 1980, and his residence address was of Sahiwal.
Sixteen months later Asad, from Sparkhill, is 15 stone lighter and ready for his first half-marathon to raise cash for the team at Heartlands Hospital who saved his life.