ASAIAortic Stenosis and Aortic Insufficiency
ASAIAmerican Society of Architectural Illustrators
ASAIAmerican Student Achievement Institute (Bloomington, IN)
ASAIAdvertising Standards Authority for Ireland
ASAIAdjunct Switch Application Interface
ASAIAverage Service Availability Index
ASAIAssociation Suisse des Architectes d'Intérieur (French: Swiss Association of Interior Designers; Switzerland)
ASAIAsociación Salvadoreña de Apoyo Integral (Spanish: Salvadoran Association of Support)
ASAIAfrican Sky Art Institute
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Asai and his team in 1967, at the Asai Germanium Institute.
Asai says this is also an award for students' thesis advisers.
In the absence of that RTE, as a compliant media, has sought a view from the ASAI.
women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime," continued Asai.
In the Japan Choral Association National Choral Competition, the choir won Gold Prize 20 years running from 1980 to 1999, when they ceased competing after Asai joined the JCA.
Yoshie, Asai, and Kato (2014) showed that there was a significant relationship between trait anxiety and the tendency to suffer from eating disorders in female Japanese university students.
Learning Tree International (NASDAQ:LTRE), a provider of hands-on IT and management training, on Monday named David W Asai as its CFO as of 8 April 2013 and he will report to CEO David C Collins.
The middle ground would involve shelving the issue and beginning to codevelop the East China Sea gas field again, as China has frozen its participation since the 2010 (coast guard run-in) incident," Asai added.
ASAI took over DHPPL in June 2008 and renamed it ASAI India by acquiring entire share capital; there after ASAI infused $7.
According to the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, in their successful complaint to the ASAI, the campaign encouraged "suspicion about the truthfulness of employees and absenteeism due to sickness".
Susan Miyo Asai critically examines the influence of popular American music on West Coast Nisei (second generation Japanese Americans) as it relates to the formation of their ethnic identities growing up during WWII.
Copilot Petty Officer First Class Hiroyuki Semba, 24, and flight navigator and Petty Officer Second Class Chiaki Asai, 41, remain missing, while pilot and commander Kunihiko Kitajima, 39, has been rescued.