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ASAMAmerican Society of Addiction Medicine
ASAMAdvanced Security for Account Managers (exam; Cisco)
ASAMAlternative Schools Accountability Model (California)
ASAMAtm Subscriber Access Multiplexer
ASAMAdvanced Services Access Manager
ASAMAnti-Shipping Activity Messages (commercial shipping)
ASAMATM Subscriber Access Multiplexer (Alcatel)
ASAMAssociation for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants
ASAMAviation Safety Action Message
ASAMAdvanced Software Acquisition Management course (at IRMC/DSMC also known as SAM 301)
ASAMAssociation for Standardization of Automation & Measuring Systems
ASAMAdvanced Study of Air Mobility
ASAMAutomated Staffing Assessment Model (US Army MEDCOM)
ASAMAdvanced Surface-to-Air Missile
ASAMAvrasya Stratejik Araºtirmalar Merkezi (Center for Eurasian Strategic Studies, Ankara, Turkey)
ASAMAdvanced Scanning Array Module
ASAMApplication of Safety Assessment Methodology for Near-Surface Waste Disposal Facilities (IAEA)
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A previous ASAM White Paper made broad suggestions to improve drug testing in clinical practice, emphasizing a "smarter" approach to drug testingincluding avoiding some inappropriate and high-cost practices followed in the past.
During Addiction Treatment Gap Awareness Week, ASAM is hosting an informational webinar on April 25th with experts from federal organizations and ABPM to help physicians learn about the process of becoming certified and treating this insidious disease.
ASAM believes all of the standards and benchmarks are achievable, although reaching them will take time.
Most our projects in Iraq are with the government, which means project payment comes through on time and has rarely ever posed a challenge for us," Al Asam continued.
Proven reliability is why we absolutely wanted to have Voith fluid couplings in the new conveyor drives as well," said Tatra Muis, senior manager of maintenance for Bukit Asam.
Preserves the importance of admission criteria for each level-of-care placement, but highlights that The ASAM Criteria are helpful beyond just defining specialty addiction treatment criteria.
Asam is the holding company through which the province of Milan owns 52.
ASAM has now expanded into two new areas--the process addictions and the prescription drug problem, which are the focus of two special forums in this issue of the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs.
Violent Gary Richardson armed himself with the blade and tool when he went to confront his former friend, Aslan Asam, at the corner shop where he worked.
Ashim Asam, chairman of the Dzhumaya mosque's board of trustees in Bulgaria's second largest city of Plovdiv, has been arrested together with 6 other people for assaulting the regional Mufti.
This the first time ASAM has taken an official position that addiction is not solely related to problematic substance use.
International Resource News-May 5, 2011--PT Bukit Asam expects net profit to exceed IDR3tn in 2011(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.