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ASCHAAlberta Senior Citizens' Housing Association (Canada)
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Ascha, Ghassan (1989), Du statut inferieur de la femme en Islam.
Ghassan, Ascha (1989), Du statut inferieur de la femme en Islam.
Ascha argues that portrayals of early Islamic figures have been used by writers and historians as well as Muslim feminists to support different views about the role of women in Muslim societies.
In his discussion of some of the Hadiths that are derogatory to women and are in fact challenged by Muslim feminists, for example, Ascha recognizes the possible fraud suggested by the historical appearance of these Hadiths, and that attributing these Hadiths to the Prophet can help "justify a certain social system.
In this way, Ascha uses postmodernist tools to pull the rug out from under Arab women aspiring to gain control over their voices and representations.
Like Ascha, many feminists argue that it is more worthwhile to concentrate on changing the everyday reality of women's lives rather than engage in dangerous ideological debates.