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ASCPAmerican Society of Consultant Pharmacists
ASCPAmerican Society for Clinical Pathology (formerly American Society of Clinical Pathologists; Chicago, IL)
ASCPAmerican Society of Clinical Pathologists (now American Society for Clinical Pathology)
ASCPAdvanced Supply Chain Planning (Oracle)
ASCPArmy Small Computer Program (US Army)
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ASCPAmerican Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology (New York, NY, USA)
ASCPAspartate-Specific Cysteine Protease
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ASCPAccelerated Simulation and Computing Program (US DOE)
ASCPAirway Stent Customisation Protocol
ASCPAging Specialist Certificate Program
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ASCPAutomated Sensor and Control Package (SubAir Systems, LLC)
ASCPArkansas Secondary Conditions Project
ASCPAdvisory Committee on Security and Privacy (ACM)
ASCPAmericas Society Corporate Program
ASCPAscorbyl Palmitate
ASCPAmerican Society of Consulting Planners
ASCPAtlantic Science Curriculum Project
ASCPAtlantic Salmon Conservation Plan
ASCPAlberta Social Credit Party
ASCPAir Systems Control Panel
ASCPAdministrative Staff Certificate Program (Canada)
ASCPApplication Specific Co-Processor
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It was also found that the concentrations of metal ions and ascorbyl palmitate significantly affected the oxidation of sunflower oil.
The most effective antioxidant in the study was ascorbyl palmitate incorporated at 0.
Thus, skin serums that contain ascorbyl palmitate are more likely to be effective in reducing fine lines around the eyes and mouth and tightening the skin on the face and neck.
It contains rosemary extract, tocopherols and ascorbyl palmitate as the active ingredients.
Also Contains: Yellow Beeswax NF, Sunflower Oil FCC, Bleached Lecithin NF, Ascorbic Acid USP, Mixed Tocopherols NF, Ascorbyl Palmitate NF and a soft shell capsule (which contains; Gelatin USP, Glycerin NF, Titanium Dioxide USP, FD & C Red 40 and USP Purified Water).
Vitamin C has gained a great reputation as an anti-oxidant, but be sure to look for the stable vitamin C, ascorbyl palmitate.
Vitamin C - Is in Ascorbyl Palmitate form which makes it fat soluble and lasts a lot longer than normal vitamin C and has better antioxidant properties.
5% salmon, 8% tapioca starch, 3% pregelatinized potato starch, 4% sucrose, salt, sodium nitrate and ascorbyl palmitate.
Antioxidant Products: R-alpha lipoic acid, grape seed extract, EGCG 95%, green tea extracts, CoQ10, ascorbyl palmitate, vitamin E succinate, quercetin, rutin, vitamin A palmitate
Adding EDTA and antioxidants--tocopherol isomers at 1000 ppm, ascorbyl palmitate at 500 ppm and rosemary extract at 1000 ppm--to the WPI-stabilized emulsion decreased lipid oxidation in surimi.
Ascorbyl palmitate, mixed tocopherols and rosemary extract are added for stability.
Due to its unique, very tight, double-coating, it has an excellent photostability and an outstanding compatibility with other UV filters such as avobenzone, and also with acrylate thickeners as well as other challenging ingredients such as ascorbyl palmitate and the self-tanner, dihydroxyacetone, said the company.