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ASENAssociation for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism
ASENAugmented Shuffle Exchange Network (computer engineering)
ASENAtlanta South Express Network (women's professional network; Atlanta, GA)
ASENAdaptive Security for Enterprise Network (software)
ASENAustralian Student Environment Network
ASENAmplified Spontaneous Emission Noise
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As Asen and Brouwer (2001) argue, "counterpublics derive their 'counter' status in significant respects from varying degrees of exclusion from prominent channels of political discourse and a corresponding lack of political power" (p.
Asen function as the point of contact between the living and the dead.
But's that eight more games than Asen had played when he got here.
Y cwestiwn amlwg i'r plentyn oedd "pam fod asen morfil yma ym Mallwyd a hynny mor bell o'r mr?
Asen, 23, is believed to have run up business debts at a boutique he runs with wife Mimi.
Fresno State kicker Asen Asparuhov kicked a 48-yard field goal as time expired to tie it and a 41-yarder in overtime to win.
Initially announced in February this year, the name of the new company is ASEN.
The other candidate, Asen Hristov, prosecutor at the Sofia Regional Prosecutor's Office, was backed by one VSS member, with six votes against and 16 abstentions.
The stabilization of the energy sector will not happen without legislative changes, according to caretaker Economy and Energy Minister, Asen Vasilev.
Scott Feldhacker , CEO of ASEN, commented, "Having made considerable progress as a public company over the past fifteen months, we felt it was appropriate to expand our outreach to the investing public.
Asen Asparuhov kicked a 48-yard field goal as time expired in regulation and then connected on a 41-yarder to lead Fresno State to a 25-22 overtime win.
Joel Asen, Peter Copses, Robert Falk and Scott Kleinman have stepped down to reduce Apollo's representation on the board.