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ASENAssociation for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism
ASENAugmented Shuffle Exchange Network (computer engineering)
ASENAtlanta South Express Network (women's professional network; Atlanta, GA)
ASENAdaptive Security for Enterprise Network (software)
ASENAustralian Student Environment Network
ASENAmplified Spontaneous Emission Noise
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The second com petency domain Advanced skills and knowledge in the provision of care management enabled the ASEN to contribute to care management and planning using their advanced skills and knowledge.
Asen was in a Seat Leon given to him by Dimitar, as a wedding present, but it was being driven by another man who police suspected of being in an international crime syndicate, it was reported.
According to Asen and Brouwer (2001), "Counterpublic spheres voice oppositional needs and values not by appealing to the universality of the bourgeois public sphere but by affirming specificity of race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or some other axis of difference" (p.
Not surprisingly, asen altars, a sacred art form, reflect the blending and richness of all these cultures.
Peter Ian Asen is a freelance writer based in Providence, Rhode Island.
Fresno State boasted one of the nation's best kickers in now-graduated Asen Asparuhov the past three seasons.
Robert Asen and Daniel C Brouwer's edited anthology is a timely collection of tightly-crafted essays concerning contemporary scholarship on counterpublics, which they define as oppositional groups that were historically excluded from the dominant modes of discourse and power.
Whether the bomb was going to Aintree, or more likely the Asen Conference, I will be attending, it is tremendous it has been thwarted," he said.
Professor Asen Asenov, nanoCMOS Consortium (University of Glasgow)
Lion Asen tomorrow will be transported to Sofia, where he will be subjected to a full scan.
Caretaker Economy and Energy Minister, Asen Vasilev, and caretaker Deputy Prime Minister and Regional Development Minister, Ekaterina Zaharieva, presented Tuesday the report and the ideas of the caretaker Cabinet for changes in the energy legislation.