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ASESAmerican Solar Energy Society
ASESAuthentication Services
ASESAmerican Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons
ASESAdministración de Seguros de Salud (Health Insurance Administration, Puerto Rico)
ASESAfter School Education & Safety Program (California)
ASESAirplane, Single-Engine Sea (aviation rating)
ASESAdaptive Systems and Evolutionary Software
ASESAlliance Supplier Evaluation Standard (Nissan)
ASESApplication Software Entity Security
ASESAlice Shaw Elementary School (Orcutt, California)
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Several validity studies have been conducted for the ASES (Gay, 1974; Hollandsworth, Galassi & Gay, 1977).
The Holdco will issue a new share for every two shares held by the ASE's shareholders and will pay TWD51.2 in cash for each SPIL share.
A more important reason why historians and other scholars have ignored the ASE has less to do with its origins or size than its position on the political spectrum and its orientation toward industrial relations.
As Figure 2 on the next page shows, stabilized by inter- and intra-chain hydrogen bridges, ASE forms a three-dimensional configuration capable of adhering to the surface of the skin and forming a cohesive biological film with sufficient flexibility to stretch and adjust between the polar heads of the lipids without disrupting their organization (Sum et al., 2003).
Speed and agility in the ASE acquisition process allowed Vietnam-era warriors to get inside the OODA (observe, orient, decide, act) Loop of their enemy, not only in the F-4 but also in numerous other aircraft that benefited from the new technology As more advanced ASE systems were developed, PMA272's commodity approach allowed rapid integration of systems such as the ALE-39, ALE-47, ALQ-165, and advanced chaff and flares into multiple platforms.
With Sybase Data Auditing, organizations that use Sybase ASE databases to store business critical data will be able to:
Sybase and SGI are committed to the optimization, support, sales and marketing of ASE for technical and creative applications, which are typically critical to an enterprise.