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AFDWActive Framework for Data Warehousing
AFDWAir Force District of Washington (District of Columbia)
AFDWAsh-Free Dry Weight
AFDWActive Framework for Data Warehousing (data warehousing solution developed by Microsoft and Texas Instruments)
AFDWAlabama Federation of Democratic Women (Decatur, AL)
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The wet, dry, and ash-free dry weight of a standard 17.
IB for the June 2008 collection), dry, and ash-free dry weight of a 17.
Ash-free dry weight could not be measured in the smaller geoducks because of size constraints; therefore, it is unknown whether similar organic tissue suppression occurred at the warmest culture temperature with this size class.
Ash-free dry weight was optimized with additional food increases, exceeding the optimal shell length ration fourfold (except size class 3, which was twofold).
Table 1 Egg size, ash-free dry weight (AFDW), energy content, and weight-specific energy density for 12 species of marine annelids Note that we believe our reported energy contents (and energy densities) are significant underestimates of true values; see text for discussion Taxon n Diameter ([micro]m) Volume ([micro]l) Chaetopteridae Chaetopterus sp.
A test of the ash-free dry weight technique on the developmental stages of Patiriella spp.
The relationship between shell length and ash-free dry weight of Panopea globosa larvae exhibited an allometric pattern described by a power function (Fig.
97 CR, clearance rate; IR, ingestion rate; W, ash-free dry weight.