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AXJAgility Excellent Jumpers (American Kennel Club Dog Agility Title)
AXJAction for Justice (aka Action4Justice; international news forum)
AXJExcellent Jumper with Weaves (dog show title)
AXJAccion por la Justicia (Spanish)
AXJAsia Excluding Japan
AXJAKC (American Kennel Club) Excellent JWW (Jumpers with Weaves; dogs)
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Reflecting this outlook, growth in Chinese exports is expected to be most rapid to other economies in Asia excluding Japan with an average annual pace of expansion of 15 percent a year during 2013 to 2015.
However, there has been significant growth in New Zealand's exports to economies in Asia excluding Japan, in particular China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.
Olafson earlier said it was difficult to get refinancing for investment properties in the US but there was liquidity available in Asia excluding Japan.
Hong Kong and China are leading markets in Asia excluding Japan that accounts for 18 per cent of group revenues, he said.
Col already holds North American rights to the pic as well as Spain, Latin America, Benelux, Asia excluding Japan, Greece, Portugal, Middle East and Turkey, which it purchased during its initial negotiations for U.S.
The September figure comprises 2,300 jobs in Europe, 1,400 in North and South America, and 900 in Asia excluding Japan. Nomura will also aim at reducing its fixed costs overseas to 100 billion yen in fiscal 2000 from 130 billion yen in fiscal 1997.
As part of the move, the Tokyo-based company appointed Paul Beresford as the head of execution services in Asia excluding Japan. Beresford previously served at Instinet, where he was head of program sales trading, the report said, citing an internal memo by the company.
Elsewhere across Asia excluding Japan, trading was mostly upbeat yesterday due stronger than expected Chinese trade data for January.
While stopping short of elaborating on the production plan for Asia excluding Japan and China, he said such an output increase is necessary as the company no longer relies on aggressive exports from Japan given the strong yen.
Yong, previously in charge of strategic relationship management in Asia excluding Japan, will team up with Goldman Sachs's existing head for Southeast Asia, Brooks Entwistle, who will remain chairman for Southeast Asia.
The company lowered its forecast for earnings growth in Asia excluding Japan in a separate report yesterday.
The central banks in Europe and Asia excluding Japan are working towards normalizing monetary policy, which will boost their respective currencies to strengthen against the dollar.
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