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The refreshing theme of finding heroism in unexpected places is continued, with a protagonist who does not fit the expectations of his normally "fight first, ask questions later" kin.
One, a latter day squaddie of the Gulf War, is a gung-ho shoot-'emall and ask questions later product of red top tabloid and trash TV brainwashing, while the other is a thoughtful and reflective officer shot for desertion in World War I who may or may not be Wilfred Owen.
Will the ECB wait until it sees the whites of its enemy's eyes, or shoot first and ask questions later? John Wyn-Evans is head of investment strategy at Investec Wealth & Investment Sponsored column
An excellent shot, she has been taught to shoot first, ask questions later.
Lee Whensley: "Better off promoting positive community relations than having no relationship with the community whatsoever and then turning up heavy-handed, armed to the teeth with a 'shoot first, ask questions later' US-style of policing, which is evidently what is happening.
In one vile attack, Mr Kitson, a councillor for Stourport, Worcs, following his election victory on May 2, said in a reference to Muslim women: "Hang um all first then ask questions later."
A leadership that remains locked into the old ways of doing things -- shoot protesters first and ask questions later -- will show itself to be as fragile as the decades-long, ossified systems of rule that have been collapsing throughout the region over the past few years.
"The Government is giving bad bosses the green light to sack workers, then ask questions later."
Unite national officer Dominic Hook said: "Lloyds cannot continue to cut now then ask questions later.
The challenge is that many salespeople have conditioned themselves to talk first and ask questions later. And breaking this habit can be difficult.
The order given to the marines was 'shoot first, ask questions later'.