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In his 'Itanong Mo Kay Prof (Ask the Professor)' program posted on Saturday on his Facebook account, Sison said there was no basis for the multiple murder charges filed against the four.
This allowed around 25 visiting medics from across Europe to ask the professor questions as he operated.
Was it La Markadji that gave orders to CBC staff to turn a blind eye to the transactions, in which case there may have been a slight conflict of interest, or did she ask the Professor to give the orders, in which case everything would be above board?
I went to ask the professor a question and he looked at me and said, "I am not answering any questions to somebody that has not been to class." So what do I do?
CORVALLIS - After his first session of a fall term class the other day, Sean Canfield stopped on his way out to ask the professor for some information.
The youngsters, aged seven to 11, were able to ask the professor a range of questions as part of their Rocks from Space project.
An active performer, as well as a noted expert on musician wellness issues, she is a coauthor of A Symposium for Pianists and Teachers: Strategies to Develop Mind and Body for Optimal Performance, a contributor to the new piano method Piano Discoveries as a member of the Lorenz Advisory Board and is a coauthor of its newly released supplemental series, Ask the Professor.
I also ask the professor what students need to learn in order to complete their assignment and what the students' current level of expertise is.
Labour minister Sotiroulla, whose measures to fight unemployment increased the numbers of jobless, never thought it necessary to ask the professor, specialising in employment economics, for a meeting.The government did not consider using his knowledge of the European Commission and the IMF, with which he had worked in the past, in the bailout talks.
Ask the Professor: Magical Music & Helpful Tips, Starter Level, 1A, 1B, 2, music and lyrics by Janet Vagt; Professor's Comments by Janet Vogt, Gail Berenson and Judith Strickland Minter.