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ASKEAssociation for Skeptical Enquiry (UK)
ASKeAssessment Standards Knowledge Exchange (UK)
ASKEAlfonso Sastre Kultur Elkartea (Spain)
ASKEAgonistiko Sosialistiko Komma Elladas (Greece)
ASKEAsthma Support Kare and Education Group
ASKEA Sharing of Knowledge and Experience (Ireland)
ASKEAustralian Society on Knowledge Economics
ASKEAge Specific Knowledge on Environment (education)
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But since thou hast voutsaf't Gently for our instruction to impart Things above Earthly thought, which yet concernd Our knowing, as to highest wisdom seemd, Deign to descend now lower, and relate What may no less perhaps availe us known, How first began this Heav'n which we behold Distant so high, with moving Fires adornd Innumerable, and this which yeelds or fills All space, the ambient Aire wide interfus'd Imbracing round this florid Earth, what cause Mov'd the Creator in his holy Rest Through all Eternitie so late to build In CHAOS, and the work begun, how soon Absolv'd, if unforbid thou maist unfould What wee, not to explore the secrets aske Of his Eternal Empire, but the more To magnifie his works, the more we know.
My friends,' said he, 'by virtue o' my office as your president, I askes o' our friend Slackbridge, who may be a little over hetter in this business, to take his seat, whiles this man Stephen Blackpool is heern.
Organising Aske has been an exciting few years and would not have been possible without the amazing help from our volunteers, Earl and Countess of Ronaldshay and all our generous sponsors", Peter said.
The Aske family has a long tradition of involvement with the BAA and Ken has participated in one form or another for over 30 years.
JUST CHAMPION: Holme Valley Wheelers' Amira Mellor was in great form in the Nutcracker Mountain Bike series at Aske
According to Aske, Partners Healthcare has embraced both NIST and ISO standards, which serve as a framework for the health organization's own policies.
But appearances can be deceptive, as Mrs Aske discovered when she took Cassie to a dog show in Surrey last weekend.
According to the court, jail personnel were not deliberately indifferent to the medical needs of the detainee even though he exhibited some behavioral symptoms at the time of intake, where the personnel aske d the detainee whether he had swallowed drugs, stated that they would get him medical help if he had and that he would not face additional charges, and generally kept him under observation even though one officer failed to do so.
For Robert Aske, Lord Darcy, and the other rebel leaders, it was certainly their lives.
With: Andrine Saether, Bjorn Sundquist, Gisken Armand, Sverre Anker Ousdal, Linda Tomine Coles, Svein Roger Karlsen, Marius Sonstrod, Henrik Scheele, Dennis Storhoi, Rune Hekkelstrand, Kristin Kajander, Lasse Kolsrud, Sven Nordin, Per Egil Aske.