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ASOGAccess Service Ordering Guide
ASOGAteneo School of Government (Graduate School of Leadership and Public Service; Ateneo de Manila University; Quezon City, Philippines)
ASOGAir Support Operations Group
ASOGAirborne Sensor Operators Group (est. 2017)
ASOGActivity Specific Operating Guidelines (various commpanies)
ASOGAmerican Security Officers Guild
ASOGAccess Service Ordering Guidelines (telecommunications)
ASOGAccess Service Ordering Guidelines
ASOGA Sequence of Ghosts (band)
ASOGAvenger/Sebring Owners Group
ASOGAnalytical Solution of Groups (chemistry)
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In the final chapter of part 2, Brewer attempts to recover and analyze the roles of male religious specialists (asog) in pre-Hispanic indigenous religion.
The primary customers for the new dismounted TACP equipment, she said, are the 1st Air Support Operation Group, in Fort Lewis, Wash.; the 3rd ASOG, in Fort Hood, Texas; the 18th ASOG, at Pope Air Force Base, N.C.; the 4th ASOG, in Heidelberg, Germany; the 607th ASOG, at Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea and the Air National Guard.
Both the NightFire ASR application and the NightFire Adapter for MetaSolv Solution 4.3 will support ASOG 24, which takes effect in January 2002.
Other contemporary commentators note that officiates were frequently also male or asog, effeminate men possibly transvestites.
Costs.--Data on current production expenditures and ad valorem and windfall profits taxes are from API's Survey of Oil and Gas Expenditures (SOGE) and, for 1972-81, the Census Bureau's Annual Survey of Oil and Gas (ASOG).
|dryc.sub.t~ and |wetc.sub.t~ are obtained from ASOG for 1973-1989; for 1970-1972, costs for onshore and offshore published in JAS Survey are used; when dry hole and successful well costs are occasionally unpublished (because of the possibility of revealing proprietary data), they are estimated by multiplying total drilling costs by the ratio of dry holes to total wells drilled, to get dry hole drilling costs, and successful well costs are obtained by subtracting estimated dry hole costs from total drilling costs.
Thus a powerful god was transformed into a malignant being; the 'Babaylan' or 'Asog' (in Bicol) who were men dressed as women and were potent sources of energies and power became demonized.
It can also be found in Lake Bato in the town bearing the same name and in two smaller lakes-Manapao and Katugday-in upper Buhi at the foothills of Asog.
This currently exists in the air support operations group (ASOG) construct, but its staff does not have the manning, experience, or expertise to serve as allen-compassing airpower advocates.
The mountain with a collapsed crater, known as Mount Iriga by those who live in Iriga, Mount Asog by those who are from Buhi, and Monte Buhi for the rabid Buhinon, is still alive.