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ASPIEAutistic Strength, Purpose and Independence in Education (school; New York)
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What is more, he had earned a diploma while meeting the challenges of being one of Grandin's "Aspies" With thoughtful planning and openness to differences, honors educators nationwide can help many students like that young man use their valuable skills and abilities to society's benefit.
Both NVLD and Aspie teens have similar learning challenges.
Business for Aspies; 42 best practices for using Asperger syndrome traits at work successfully.
Dogs and cats roam and other people with autism - "aspies," as those within the community shorten it - visit, free to roam.
And alle manere of men that thow myght aspie That nedy ben or naked, and nought han to spende, With mete or with mone [money] lat make hem fare the bettre.(37)
The 30 year-old has been exposing his life with highfunctioning autism for the last four years on his online channel The Aspie World.
When Herscue Met Jomphrey and Other Tales From an Aspie Marriage
Her popular blog Musings of an Aspie serves as the foundation for an exploration packed with anecdotes and insights.
The of Graeme, who suffers from Asperger's Sy n -drome, set up an outreach programme - Project Aspie - with the help of the Trust, to support and educate those affected by the condition.
The Aspie Teen's Survival Guide: Teen-to-Teen Advice from a Young Man with Asperger's Syndrome.
This Leonin lets ever aspie, And waiteth after grete beyete (CA 8: 1432-1434).
Other info: Easy aspie to grow in this part of the world, chives are a relative of the onion.