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A2IAccess to Information
A2IAcquirer to Issuer (payment cards)
A2IAccess to Independence (California)
A2IAssess to Improve
A2IAspire to Inspire (Christian community)
A2IAssociation des Ingénieurs de l'Isty (French association)
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Members of the digital hub are invited to aspire to inspire by showcasing their work and exchanging experiences and contacts.
I aspire to inspire & lift while UPlifting," he wrote on his Instagram profile.
The company was contracted to run the Aspire to Inspire lone-parent mentoring programme for the DWP between 2008 and 2011.
On this evening by spotlighting the hard work of the students whose academic contributions are being acknowledged, we aspire to inspire our prospective students.
I realized it was time to take inventory of what I had to offer to the millions of people I so aspire to inspire.
Lisa Kendrick, founder and marketing director of Longwood-based Liquid Accounts, is the main speaker at Aspire to Inspire - a conference giving an insight into the work of funding and development agency The Aspire Fund, which supports women-led businesses across the UK.
Now, all these years later, Curtis is returning the favor through a new fund she started, Aspire to Inspire.
Perhaps now you aspire to inspire, to appropriately translate your organization's powerful story to this new medium.
He adds, "So, we thought we would add a little more excitement to the talented community of writers that is already generating amazing content on the web, and to those that aspire to inspire, but are undiscovered so far.
Director Kay Powell said: "We're only in our second year of trading, but our company motto is Aspire To Inspire and we've tried to create an inspirational culture in our workplace.