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ASPROAcademic Staff Public Representation Organization (est. 1989; Wisconsin)
ASPROAssociative Parallel Processor
ASPROAcquisition Systems Protection Officer (US Navy)
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POR QUE TE APRESURAS, GETA MIO Probo atribuye estas palabras a Sostrata, Aspro no quiere que el esclavo responda a todo, sino que piensa que lo dice la nodriza".
Histological Characterization of the Liver of Bunaka pinguis, Glossogobius celebius, Rhyacichthys aspro, Collected in Mandulog River and its Tributaries, Brgy.
While it is true that dolce vowels can serve as stressed syllabic vowels in diphthongs (mio, tuo) as easily as aspro vowels (mai, lei, voi) can, there is a certain sense that a dolce semivowel (mai, lui, pausa) is in some way distinct from an aspro semivowel (sua, sue, suo).
The degree of sophistication that Willaert showed in Aspro core is present also in the other Musica Nova madrigals, the texts of all but one of which were by Petrarch.
Bayer and Roche have promised to divest the Aspro and Aspro C products in Austria as well as the marketing authorisation and trademarks for the existing formulations of Roche's Caldesene and Desenex in Ireland.
An Aspro spokesman confirmed they were in contact with the family.
The Finnish mobile phone switch mode chargers supplier Salcomp Oy said today (13 February) that it had acquired the Swiss charger manufacturer Aspro Technology AG.
Anche nella poesia di Gabriella Galzio c'e un eremo segreto, estatico e contemplativo, un luogo inaccessibile, aspro e selvatico, sul quale le forze della storia sembrano, come per incantamento, non aver potere.
AIRTOURS 1 10% discount off holidays with Tradewinds, EuroSites, Aspro and Cresta.
ASPRO Technology of Niederlenz, Switzerland, has developed something akin to this.
He built the STARAN, ASPRO and MPP parallel computers and has significantly enriched the discipline of computer architecture.
Alexia is much more than a singer who shot to fame in the 80's in the Greek pop charts and by representing Cyprus at the Eurovision song contest in 1987 with the song Aspro Mavro (White and Black), she is also a composer and lyricist.