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ASSABAustralasian Society for the Study of Animal Behaviour (Australia)
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RSADO is gravely concerned about UAE's disproportionate airstrike against, already vulnerable, Afar civilians and civilian properties since UAE Military Forces stationed in the Assab Town of Dankalia Afar region"
Late Friday evening, Assab was crowned Lebanon's best bartender
With a range of 120km, the C-802s put a large swathe of the southern Red Sea, including the UAE's new military base in Assab, within reach.
Abu Assab said that only a couple of weeks ago another of the Jerusalemites arrested, Islam Al Natsha, was given a five month-administrative sentence on similar charges.
In August 2011, three separate incidents of piracy were reported off the Eritrean coast near the port of Assab.
The European Commission has agreed a Euro 30 million grant to upgrade the 132-kilometre Kombolcha to Mille road in Ethiopia, which provides essential access for central, western and northern Ethiopia to the ports of Djibouti and Assab.
Meanwile, next door in Eritrea, a possibility exists for that half-Christian country to become a staging ground with bases at Assab or the Dahlak Archipelago off the coast.
Since May 1998, when a fierce border war erupted between African neighbours Ethiopia and Eritrea, the Eritrean ports of Assab and Massawa have been off-limits to Ethiopian importers and exporters.
Five towns will have Internet connections: Asmara (the capital), Dekamhare, Keren, Massawa, and Mendefera, with Assab and Barentu to be added in the near future.
Eritrea said yesterday it had repulsed Ethiopian forces after a day-long battle in burning desert heat close to the Red Sea port of Assab, inflicting heavy casualties on its enemy.