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AFLAmerican Federation of Labor
AFLAmerican Football League (1960s)
AFLAustralian Football League
AFLArena Football League
AFLAlberta Federation of Labour
AFLAll for Less (phone service plan)
AFLAssessment for Learning (education)
AFLAdaptive Forward Lighting (automotive engineering)
AFLAcademic Free License (software license)
AFLAmerica Fujikura Ltd. (various locations)
AFLAeroflot (Russian Airline, ICAO code)
AFLArmed Forces of Liberia
AFLAmerican Fuzzy Lop (rabbit)
AFLActive for Life (various organizations)
AFLAtrial Flutter
AFLAccel Frontline Ltd. (India)
AFLArabic as a Foreign Language (various locations)
AFLAdaptive Forward Lighting
AFLAcademic Free License
AFLAbstract Family of Language
AFLAssociation Française pour la Lecture (French: French Reading Association)
AFLAdvance Fee Loan (various locations)
AFLAssociation Française du Lupus (French: French Lupus Association)
AFLAssociation Française de Limnologie (French: French Limnology Association)
AFLAir Fluid Level
AFLAlcoholics for Life
AFLAlcoholic Fatty Liver
AFLAbstract Family of Languages
AFLAssociation Familiale du Limousin (French: Limousin Family Association; Limousin, France)
AFLAcemai France Logique (French elevator manufacturer)
AFLAbove Floor Level
AFLArtists for Literacy (San Francisco, CA)
AFLAfter Fader Listening (audio mixing)
AFLAutofocus Lock (cameras)
AFLAssisted Family Living (various locations)
AFLAir Force Letter
AFLAuthorized Funding Level
AFLAirborne Flying Laboratory
AFLActive Fuel Length
AFLAutoland Flight Tests
AFLApproximate Full Load
AFLAuxiliary Fuel Line
AFLApplied Fisheries Laboratory
AFLAway From Link
AFLAutomatic Line Feed
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They cover teaching in the changing landscape of higher education, course and learning design and evaluation, teaching by leading and managing learning environments, assessment for learning, blended learning, student engagement, embracing student diversity, engaging with academic writing and discourse, effective supervision, work-related and professional learning, and professional development.
Dr Sayed, Professor of International Education and Development Policy (Education), University of Sussex spoke about need to move from assessment of learning to assessment for learning, which supports learning rather than judging achievement through tests or examinations.
Assessment for Learning and Certification duration six hours.
TES said St Patrick's had abandoned streaming and banding, focused on teaching and learning, motivating and engaging boys and assessment for learning.
Addressing both theory and practice within a socio-cultural perspective, this book for teachers and researchers explains how assessment for learning (AFL) in science and technology classrooms contributes to classroom cultures and shapes students' perceptions of themselves as competent learners.
Stiggins's paper was a call to the assessment shift from assessment of learning that is represented by the standardized test ideology to the assessment for learning.
The College Assessment for Learning Program (CALP) was initiated in order to improve student learning outcomes and to strengthen professional conversations across three campuses.
Shifting the focus away from weekly scores to an understanding and application of spelling can move students to feedback-based assessment for learning and as learning rather than constantly reinforcing the labels of 'excellent', 'good', 'struggling' or 'lazy' spellers.
The Harnessing Technology in Assessment for Learning is being organised in co-operation with UK Trade and Investment and will include speakers from Bahrain and the UK.
Recently we were invited to submit resources on Assessment for Learning, including Assessing Pupil Progress in English.
The inspection report outlined three main recommendations including to spread and further develop good practice in the promotion of thinking skills and assessment for learning initiatives, ensure consistency in the presentation of pupils work and to develop pupils' entrepreneurial skills in order to promote decision-making.
Dana teachers make an important distinction between assessment for learning and assessment of learning.
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