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AQoLAssessment of Quality of Life
AQoLAustralian Quality of Life (research study; various organizations)
AQoLAsthma-Specific Quality of Life (respiratory medicine)
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Assessment of quality of life in four individual domains of GHQ-28 showed involvement of social dysfunction subscale most commonly (55.2%) with alopecia areata, followed by anxiety and insomnia subscale (27%), severe depression subscale (10.3%) and somatic subscale (6.9%) in decreasing order.
Bahadur, "Temporal assessment of quality of life of head and neck cancer patients receiving radical radiotherapy," Quality of Life Research, vol.
Earlier reports have indicated that parents and children frequently disagree in the assessment of quality of life [20].
Acharya, "Assessment of quality of life of people living with HIV and AIDS receiving anti-retroviral therapy in Kathmandu Valley," Journal of Institute of Medicine, vol.
Assessment of quality of life related to oral health involves an evaluation of the effect that oral illnesses set off in individuals' daily activities, interfering in their psychological and emotional wellbeing (22).
Assessment of quality of life (QOL) is now federally mandated as Conditions for Coverage in pediatric dialysis facilities (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services [CMS], 2008], Frustratingly, there is little guidance on best practices for using QOL assessment findings to guide intervention efforts to improve QOL functioning in this patient population.
Small human trials have been reported to show promising results for safety and early improvement in symptoms, exercise capacity, and assessment of quality of life, in association with a lowering of LAP.
Assessment of quality of life among anganwadi workers of Mandya city.
It was verified that the elderly residents in rural area had assessment of quality of life scores higher than urban area in four of the six domains of the WHOQOL-OLD.
The main inclusion criteria were: 1) assessment of quality of life multi-dimensionally using general or specific questionnaires (studies with focus on only one statement of quality of life were excluded); and 2) use of standard questionnaires assessing psychometric characteristics (some tools, such as Visual Analogue Scale, were not included) (17).
Ethnic differential item functioning in the assessment of quality of life in cancer patients.
Assessment of quality of life in Turkish patients with cancer.
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