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ATOAustralian Taxation Office
ATOAlpha Tau Omega
ATOAir Traffic Organization (FAA)
ATOAtco (Amtrak station code; Atco, NJ)
ATOArsenic Trioxide (chemotherapy)
ATOAnti-Terrorist Operation (Ukraine)
ATOArab Towns Organization
ATOAmbito Territoriale Ottimale (Italy)
ATOAssemble To Order
ATOAuthority to Operate
ATOAccredited Training Organisation
ATOApproved Training Organization
ATOAir Tasking Order
ATOAntimony Tin Oxide
ATOAviation Training Organization (various organizations)
ATOAtmos Energy Corporation (stock symbol)
ATOAutomatic Top Off System (water level controller)
ATOAutomatic Train Operation (for rail signaling systems)
ATOAbort To Orbit (Shuttle)
ATOAir Transportation Office (Philippines)
ATOAdvanced Technology Office (US DARPA)
ATOApproval to Operate
ATOAgency Tender Official (US Army)
ATOAthens Ohio (airport code)
ATOAir Traffic Operations
ATOArmy Technology Objective (formerly Science and Technology Objective)
ATOAborted Take-Off (aviation)
ATOAntimony Trioxide
ATOAsset Turnover
ATOAmmunition Technical Officer
ATOAnti-Terrorism Officer
ATOAll Things Organic
ATOAnkara Ticaret Odasi
ATOAfter the Order (band)
ATOAustria Ticket Online
ATOAlternative Trading Organization (fair trade organization)
ATOAfrican Timber Organisation
ATOAfloat Training Organization
ATOAuthorization to Offer
ATOAdministrative Time Off
ATOAssisted Takeoff
ATOAirport Ticket Office
ATOAirborne Tactical Officer
ATOArea Training Officer
ATOActual Time Over
ATOAutomatic Take Off (dairy industry)
ATOAnkara Tabip Odasi
ATOAt Time of Order (purchasing)
ATOAccount Take Over
ATOAssist the Officer Foundation (Dallas, Texas USA)
ATOAutomatic Turn-On
ATOAircraft Transfer Order
ATOAuthorized Time Off
ATOAlternative Treatment Order
ATOAntarctic Terminal Operations
ATOArea of Tactical Operations
ATOAir Tasking Officer
ATOAfghanistan Theater of Operations
ATOAdministrative and Training Officer (Office of Emergency Preparedness)
ATOAchilles Tendon Operation
ATOAnalog Tandem Office
ATOAddress (Complete) Time Out (Telcordia)
ATOAnti-Tyranny Organization
ATOAtmosphere Over Pressure
ATOAviation Transportation Officer
ATOATCCS Test Office
ATOAdvanced Technology Offerings (OSF)
ATOAdvisory Title Officer
ATOAuthorized Task Order
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This research has analysis of impacts of Profit Margins (PM), Total Asset Turnover (TAT) and Equity Multiplier (EM) on Return on Equity (ROE).
We can instead just multiply our asset turnover to our net income margin to our equity multiplier.
Profit margins, asset turnover, and return on assets are all likely to be high on the priority list.
The main predictor variables are Natural log of Total Assets, Financial Leverage, Total Margin, Asset Turnover, Current Ratio, Working Capital To Total Assets, Days Cash On Hand, Days of Patient Receivables Outstanding, Fixed Asset Age, and Salary to Revenue.
asset turnover given the loan portfolio's short average maturity (19
The median values of inventory turnover, receivables turnover, and total asset turnover are 1.
This second equation includes the dependent variables asset turnover (AT), the current ratio (CR), foreign ownership (FO), net profit margin (NPM) and the control variable Age (A).
However, during the same period the overall trend of asset utilization ratios have remained flat as compared to last year except for fixed asset turnover ratio which has increased on account of increase in turnover as less capitalization of property plant and equipment as compared to last year.
This formula has been further modified by what is referred to as the DuPont model, which accounts for the three basic components that determine ROE: net profit margin, asset turnover and leverage.
This evidence supports the view that effective working capital management increases returns by reducing cost of capital and by allowing firms to achieve higher levels of asset turnover.