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ABCDAttachment Based Collaborative Diagnosis (psychotherapy)
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This model of community development is consistent with theories of asset-based community development (Green & Haines, 2007).
Asset-based community development has allowed people and places to fundamentally debunk the notion that people who are poor and live in poor neighborhoods are only clients to be served and not resourceful community members.
Asset-based community development is a means by which communities recognize the value of the multiple assets that they have: Human, social, natural, physical, financial, technological, etc.
Among the best practices Rochester adopted was the asset-based community development model conceived by John Kretzmann and John McKnight, both co-directors of the Asset-Based Community Development Institute.
Building healthier communities for children and families: Applying asset-based community development to community pediatrics.
Use Asset-Based Community Development. While important aspects of a successful return to the community from prison are helping ex-inmates meet their employment, medical, mental health, substance abuse, housing, clothing, food and other needs, a more long-term and community-based response to the growing number of releasing offenders is to build the social and spiritual capacity of local communities to welcome, accept and reintegrate these returnees into the formal and informal structures of the community.
According to Kretzman and McKnight, "asset-based community development" starts by looking at three types of assets:
The book is firmly grounded in the now popular approach to community development pioneered by Kretzmann and McKnight known as asset-based community development (also called "ABCD").
Their topics include rural libraries and the human right to internet access, exploring rural public library assets for asset-based community development, a gap analysis of the perspectives of small businesses and rural librarians in Tennessee: developments toward a blueprint for a public library small business toolkit, exhibiting America: moving-image archives and rural or small libraries, and rural and small libraries: the tribal experience.
This work has shown that when facilitators ensure ethical issues are considered at every step, there are strong and meaningful results from blending public participatory mapping with the bottom-up approach of asset-based community development. Indeed, the participatory asset mapping presented in this case has been used as a test case to inform the introduction and successful uptake of PPGIS in other parts of Africa and will continue to be improved as further projects are undertaken.