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ALFAAssisted Living Federation of America
ALFAAER (Atmospheric and Environment Research) Local Forecast and Assimilation
ALFAAnonima Lombardo Fabbrica Automobile
ALFAAmerica Latina Formacion Academica (Spanish: Latin America Academic Training)
ALFAAustralian Lot Feeders' Association
ALFAA Land Far Away (gaming community)
ALFAAmerican-Libyan Freedom Alliance
ALFAAssociation for Low Flow Anaesthesia
ALFAAbundant Life for All (various locations)
ALFAAir Land Forces Agency
ALFAAnonima Lomarda Fabbrica Automobili (auto company founded in 1910, later bought by Niccola Romeo in 1915; became Alfa Romeo)
ALFAATC, Lead-In Training, FAC, ALO
ALFAAssessment of Long-Range Fleet Architecture
ALFAA Loving Family Affair (California; 1973-2008)
ALFAAustralian Lebanon Football Association
ALFAAllan Lawson's Fighting Arts, LLC (Phoenix, AZ)
ALFAAssociation Lavalloise de Football Américain (French football association)
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Good Neighbor's strategy is part of a larger consolidation trend in the industry, which has been going through "a significant merger and acquisition phase," said Paul Williams, director of public policy for the Assisted Living Federation of America, which lobbies on behalf of assisted living providers.
Richard Grimes: President and Chief Executive Officer, Assisted Living Federation of America, Fairfax, Va.
In 2005, the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) addressed this important topic by submitting a resolution to address the afford-ability of long-term care to the White House Conference on Aging.
The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) recently celebrated six of its heroes.
The acquisition would give the company a capacity of nearly 8,900 residents from 218 facilities nationwide, according to data from the Assisted Living Federation of America.
Ageism, a pattonizing and condescending view of seniors, contributed to the birth of the assisted living movement almost 30 years ago and the formation of the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) 20 years ago.
The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) monitors legislative and regulatory proposals in all 50 states.
Grape: Chairperson Assisted Living Federation of America Fairfax, Va.
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