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ACOSArc Cosine (Inverse Cosine)
ACOSAmerican College of Surgeons
ACOSAsthma-COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Overlap Syndrome
ACOSAssistant Chief of Staff (also seen as A/COS)
ACOSAdvanced Core Operating System
ACOSAssociate Chief of Staff
ACOSArc Cosine
ACOSAmerican College of Osteopathic Surgeons
ACOSAdvisory Committee on Safety (IEC)
ACOSA Change of Seasons (Dream Theater album)
ACOSA Crown of Swords (Wheel of Time; book 7)
ACOSAir and Space Communications Operations Squadron (US Air Force)
ACOSAustralian Chamber Of Shipping
ACOSAssociazione Cattolica Operatori Sanitari (Italian: Catholic Association of Medics and Paramedics)
ACOSAnti-Capitalist Operating System
ACOSAircraft Certification Office Subsystem
ACOSAutomatic Change-Over Switch
ACOSAutomated Commissary Operations System
ACOSAdaptive Cognitive Orthosis Shell
ACOSACCS Common Operating System
ACOSArmy Common Operating System
ACOSAt Change of Shift
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Having the G-scan means we have extra capacity to meet high demand for the scanning of patients Pat Youds, associate chief of Staff for Radiography in North Wales
When Sandra George came to the Chancellor's Office of the California State University system as associate chief of staff, along with a new chancellor, she saw that the administrative assistants in the office were severely underutilized.
Michael Levitt is a gastroenterologist and associate chief of staff for research at the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Medical Center.
The VAMC's associate chief of staff for patient care services, co-author M.
Christine Lynes, Associate Chief of Staff for Primary, Community and Specialist Medicine, said: "These units will allow us to provide a more effective service at our Emergency Departments.
His past appointments include serving as medical director for Group Health's Central District, and as associate chief of staff and chief of primary care services for Group Health's Central Region.
The creation of highly paid bureaucratic positions (such as the associate chief of staff for rehabilitation at Hines Medical Center, IL) create just another administrative layer that distances the SCI service from direct access to the hospital management.
Last night first-time mum Joanne Baugh, from Wrexham, told how she was asked her views by the board's associate chief of staff for paediatrics, Yvonne Harding, while she was at Maelor's baby unit last month.
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