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Repeated pairings of a brand and celebrity strengthen the associative link that consumers establish between brand and celebrity.
Two direct S-R associative links are acquired and strengthened by the repeated S1-S2 pairings: an associative link between low-level prime features and motor response (RT) features, and another link between the target features and the same response.
First, news reports, water-cooler gossip, and crime dramas on TV are all likely to facilitate a strong associative link between "defendant" and "guilty." This association is especially likely given the rarity with which innocent defendants are encountered in daily life.
The CRM implication in this example is that careful consideration of cause partners may extend the associative link beyond simple affect transfer, and transform consumer beliefs about the brand (Till and Nowak, 2000).
The Associative Link Consumers Establish between Brand and Celebrity
It is probably too speculative to consider with any great seriousness whether this tendency is, like so much else in British popular culture, attributable in part to the influence of US popular culture - in the United States, to a greater extent than in Britain, there is an associative link between what is anti-establishment or "left" and what might broadly be described as a "slacker" culture, heavily identified with drug-taking and a sort of instinctual rebelliousness and recklesness, so that the desire to escape from the world (or poke fun at it) rather than seek to understand and change it, appears as the high-point of socio-political protest.Aa We would be delving here into a real of considerable uncertainty.
It creates an active, associative link between the simulation process in LMS Virtual.Lab and the linear and non-linear structural FE solvers from Abaqus, Ansys, Catia CAE (computer-aided engineering), and MSC.Nastran.
This associative link between Lee and Robinson would become more concrete in Do the Right Thing, when Lee, as Mookie, would wear a Robinson jersey throughout most of the film.
The ability to directly load the solid model and extract feature information from it, with an associative link back to the original model to monitor for design changes, streamlines the production process.
3D sketching capability has been improved to establish an associative link between a sketch and a surface.
After a few pages, this illusion of unified genre identity is swept away in a flood of citations that moves from one associative link to the next with sometimes breathtaking leaps of logical continuity.
/ Questo (di ch'io mi sdegno e indarno grido) / fece in Jerusalem colle sue mani / il mal guardato e gia negletto nido; / gite superbi, o miseri Cristrani / consumando l'un l'altro, e non vi caglia / che 'l sepolcro di Cristo 'e in man dei cani." Note especially the cannabalistic motif in the Petrarchan original ("consumando l'un l'altro") that suggests an associative link to the Orco episode.
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