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AATSAmerican Association for Thoracic Surgery
AATSAmes Airborne Tracking Sunphotometer
AATSAircrew/Aircraft Tasking System
AATSAssured Access to Space
AATSAlternate Aircraft Takeoff System
AATSAnti Aircraft Target System
AATSAudit Action Tracking System
AATSAutomated Action Tracking System
AATSAutomated Architecture Tool Support
AATSAutomatic Altitude Trim System (Helicopters)
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"I love the budding and innovative commercial space market as much as anybody does, but I'm not going to risk hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars of the taxpayers' money, and even more importantly, our assured access to space," he said.
So the fundamental prime directive has got to be assured access to space.
While the EELV program achieved success in meeting its assured access to space and cost-saving objective, the program continues to face various risks and cost increases that could jeopardize this objective.
But the expendable launch vehicle is only the first step toward true assured access to space. We are exploring follow-on possibilities for responsive launch, from advanced and highly versatile reusable launch systems to small, low-cost expendables with extremely short response times.
The Airmen of the 45th Space Wing are focused on 100% mission success while delivering assured access to space for the warfighter and the nation.
Without assured access to space, national security satellites cannot make it to orbit.
10 United States Code (U.S.C.) [section] 2273--Policy regarding assured access to space: national security payloads, establishes the requirement for the President to ensure our access to space.
This research indicates that space lift (assured access to space) is without question the leading limitation to effective, sustained, robust space power.
In order to take advantage of those new systems we have to get them into space, and SMC's pursuit of assured access to space makes that possible.
Assured access to space. To collect and provide data through space, one must first have assured access.