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ASTERIXAll-purpose Structured Eurocontrol Radar Information Exchange
ASTERIXAda System for Embedded Real-Time Industrial Execution
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PRECIOUS: The helmet of a real-life Asterix resistance fighter against the Romans was found at a building site
Asterix carries fuel, water, ammunition and provisions to keep RCN warships operating at sea.
Asterix is now ready for global deployment to support combat and humanitarian operations as directed by the Government of Canada.
But even for those not yet aware of the hilarious Asterix books, the theme park created in his name is highly entertaining.
The findings of the present work showed that temperature significantly (p Hermes > Crozo > Sante > Asterix > Kuroda.
You say you were influenced by characters like Asterix or Snow White.
It's hard to believe that this is actually the thirty-sixth Asterix book, and the second from the new team--and it's been a while since I last read one of them, so this review copy came in as a real treat.
A continuidade de estudos relacionados a variacao somaclonal em batata nas cultivares 'Asterix' e 'Macaca' e significativa no contexto socioeconomico nacional e da regiao central do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul.
Engineers in Saab ATM's operation in Syracuse, New York, needed a tool that received ASTERIX CAT-240 network video and scan-converted this into a plan position indicator (PPI) image that could be overlaid with map data.
In a statement, SBMA Chairman Roberto Garcia said the containers were among the 721 container vans that arrived at the New Container Terminal 2 in the Subic Freeport on board M/V Asterix from the Port of Manila on Friday morning.
The food giant had been plugging onion rings and chilli cheese bites as vegetarian on their website with a tiny asterix beside it and the end of the menu it was written in very small letters that the products were cooked in the same oil as fish and chicken.