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ASTIAArmed Services Technical Information Agency
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announced today that it has secured seed round investment from global investors Astia Angels and Wheatsheaf Group Ltd.
In its 4th year, the Astia Awards honor exceptional women innovators and recognize the investors and mentors who championed their success.
There was no significant difference in flavour and all had inferior taste to the one green type I grew this year, Astia.
I do 90 percent of my bird photography on Fujichrome films - Astia 100 ASA, Provia 100 ASA and Velvia 50 ASA - which produce color slides and sharp images with true-to-life color.
The crew of a tanker, the Astia, heard their calls.
Coastguards said the alarm was raised shortly before 5pm by the crew of the bulk carrier Astia which was between Newport and Penarth waiting for a pilot to board in the Bristol Channel.
In their professional line of slide films, Fuji offers Astia 100 and the Provia family of 100, 400, and 1600 films.
Tenders are invited for Improvement Such As Widening And Strengthening Of Road From Astia To Lulung Via Rangamatia (Odr) From 0/000 Km To 16/000 Km Under State Plan
The company is based in Silicon Valley, California, and its top financial backers include Astia Angels, Golden Seeds, Sand Hill Angels, The Angels' Forum, The Halo Fund III, L.
Sharon Vosmek is the CEO of Astia, a nonprofit that supports women-led, high-growth companies.