ASTICAmerican Solar Tinting, Inc.
ASTICAnti Sidetone Inductive Coil
ASTICAutologous Stem Cell Transplantation International Crohn’s Disease Trial
References in classic literature ?
He came up to the fence and extended a handful of straw- berries, for his gardening was as generous as it was enthusi- astic.
Mr Rashid said: "It's a fant-f astic location and we havea tried to give the restaurant a Middle Eastern, Arabic look.
And we've got a fants astic offer in association with the Daily Mirror - 200 pairsof tickets for ECHO readers to win
Justin Beddows, Admiral's communications manager, said: "The RNLI does a fant-> astic job, but relies on financial donations to continue to do so.
He said: "A programme like Songs Of Praise could perhaps only have come from Wales, and it's fantby astic that it's returning to the place where the first edition was made.
Mike Dell, the owner of Bilston automotive supplier Rubber Astic and Black Country Chamber of Commerce director, said the region's principle weakness was an inability to market itself.
The Hill Cheviots were a great show for the time of year and with more dairy farmers present, once again trade was fant astic.
16-5, but Astic Hafizi's men don't look obvious outsiders.
Jameson's shift to the axis of consumption is signaled in his characterization of himself as a "relatively enthusi astic consumer of postmodernism" (298).
Their mother, Lianne mith, 43, said she was orried the authorities ould take them away om her and that she sphyxiated them with a astic bag.