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AWAntwort (German: Answer)
AWAll Weather
AWAddison Wesley (publisher)
AWGap Wedge (golf club)
AWAny Way
AWAlien Ware (computers)
AWAllied Waste Industries (stock symbol; Phoenix, AZ)
AWAnchor (Well) Site West
AWArticle of War
AWAirlift Wing
AWAll Welcome
AWArc Welding
AWArsene Wenger (soccer player)
AWAngkor Wat (ancient temple; Cambodia)
AWAttention Whore
AWArmstrong Whitworth (UK aircraft)
AWArrogant Worms (band)
AWAnother World
AWAdvance Wars (game)
AWAtomic Weight
AWAnti-Wear (hydraulic oil, additives)
AWArctic Warfare
AWAutomatic Weapons
AWAir Wing
AWAmerican Wood (timber facility)
AWAtomic Wedgie
AWAbove Water
AWAllstar Weekend (band)
AWAssociate Warden (prisons)
AWAmerican Whitewater (Cullowhee, NC)
AWAviation Warfare Systems Operator (USN rating)
AWAttack Warning
AWA-Wing (Star Wars fighter)
AWAnchor Winch
AWAmerican Woods
AWApproach Wedge (golf)
AWAir Warfare
AWAfter War (Gundam X animated series)
AWAntiair Warfare
AWActual Weight
AWAuction Watch (auction-tool site)
AWAnswer Wizard
AWAnalytic Workspace
AWAir Watt (vacuum cleaners)
AWAir Warrior
AWArchitektur + Wettbewerbe (German: Architecture + Competitions; trade magazine)
AWAstral Weeks (Van Morrison album)
AWAir Warning
AWActive Well
AWAcid Waste
AWAdvice Wanted
AWAss Wipe
AWAddress Word
AWAdministrative Weight
AWAndrée Watters
AWAcoustic Warfare
AWAlbright & Wilson
AWAuxiliary Winding (voltage regulation)
AWAdmission Weight (Cisco)
AWA. A. Weinman (designer's mark on US coins)
AWAlpha Whiskey
AWAssymetric Warfare (US Army)
AWArchimedes World (magazine)
AWAcroWizard (Anvil Logic, Inc.)
AWAssam Watch (UK human rights group)
AWAirborne Antisubmarine Warfare
AWAuthentication Word
AWAkela's World (BSA)
AW(USN Rating) Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Operator
AWAntagonist Wing (The Wrath of the Empire)
AWArea Wedge (golfing)
AWWater Distilling or Storage Ship
AWAmphibious Warfare/All Weather
AWArchitectutral Window (Americal Architectural Manufacturers Association rating)
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For me, it's one of the definitive Irish records, alongside U2's Achtung Baby, Whipping Boy's Heartworm, Loveless by My Bloody Valentine, Van the Man's Astral Weeks and If I Should Fall From Grace With God by The Pogues.
The network earned several awards; Gold trophies winners include "The Summer Of Astral Weeks" (RTEe Radio 1), "The Yellow Line" (RTEe Radio 1), "The lyric Concert" (RTE Lyric FM), "The Announcement" (RTEe Radio 1), and "Finding Private Branch" (RTEe Radio 1).
The songwriter is obviously still going strong, 50 years down the road since his breakthrough albums Astral Weeks (1968) and Moondance (1970).
Walsh points out in his excellent new book about Boston in the '60s, Astral Weeks: A Secret History of 1968, the Velvet Underground played only three proper shows in New York between 1967 and 1970.
His songs are now fixed firmly in the DNA of popular music - but while Astral Weeks is often put on after a night out, the creator admits he never listens to any of his old music.
nd is now a Over more than 50 years the singer has gone from teenage stardom to innovator and is now a respected veteran, whose classic album Astral Weeks regularly makes the list of top 100 albums of all time.
Cyprus Avenue was immortalised by the singer on the seminal and recently reissued 1968 long-player Astral Weeks. It's not difficult to see why the mystical avenue of trees represents a place to dream.
Wright Ones NEWMARKET (today) 2pm Spirit Of The Law 2.30pm Stepper Point (NAP) 3.05pm Telescope 3.45pm 1 Gleneagles 2 Territories 3 Ol' Man River 4.20pm Nuno Tristan 4.55pm Aloft 5.30pm Mutasayyid GOODWOOD1.40pm Astral Weeks 2.15pm Criteria 2.50pm Red Refraction 3.25pm Humidor 4.05pm Crowley's Law 4.40pm Quite Smart 5.15pm Yorkindred Spirit 5.50pm Mister Rockandroll THIRSK2.10pm Millennium Falcon 2.45pm Gratzie 3.20pm Donetsk 4pm Oldjoesaid 4.35pm Dream Walker 5.05pm Century Fighter 5.40pm Kingscroft NEWMARKET (tomorrow) 1.50pm Gothic 2.25pm Bragging 3pm Blaine (NAP) 3.40pm Fadhayyil 4.15pm Sahreej 4.50pm Namhroodah 5.25pm Muqtaser
Switched to maiden company next time, he was headed on the line by Astral Weeks and eventually beaten a nose.
Though the resulting Astral Weeks was a commercial flop, it was immediately hailed by critics as a masterpiece.
OTHER than debut album Astral Weeks, Moondance is the essential Van Morrison album.