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Eratosthenes happened to read in an astronomical journal that on June 21 at noon in the city of Syene shadows disappeared; the sun, thus, was directly overhead.
Their most recent observations, which also show evidence of faint fuzzies around another lenticular galaxy, NGC 3384, are included in a paper in the Astronomical Journal.
However, if you can wait through the loading process, you will find conference information as well as searchable archives for the electronic editions of The Astronomical Journal and The Astrophysical Journal.
Now, theorists Isabel Angelo and Renyu Hu (both at JPL-Caltech) have compared those same Spitzer observations to their computer model of the planet's atmosphere, publishing the results in the December 2017 Astronomical Journal.
3847/1538-3881/aaa6d6/meta) Astronomical Journal notes that beyond the novelty of watching it die, observing the storm as it fades away will offer clues about how (http://www.
Their results will be published in The Astronomical Journal and have been posted to the pre-press site arXiv.
The team's results have been accepted for publication in The Astronomical Journal.
The research will be published in an upcoming issue of The Astronomical Journal .
Saltwater-spewing geysers on Enceladus' icy surface appear to connect to the moon's warm subsurface ocean, scientists report July 28 in the Astronomical Journal.
2008, The Star Formation in Nearby Galaxies on Sub-Kpc Scales, The Astronomical Journal, 136, 28462871
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